Sea of Thieves

Returning player with stories to tell!

Sea of Thieves 3 - Returning player with stories to tell!

My two friends and I pre-ordered SoT and initially sunk about twenty hours or so into the game (personally I put in about thirty). And eventually got a bit tired of the grind and lack of stuff to do. We didn't touch the game until yesterday.

We found out about all the major updates, did some research and hopped in, excited for new islands, new monsters and the changes they made, and boy were we happy with the results! No need to go into detail about what we liked, but the game has improved immensely since its initial release. Onto the couple of stories we got from our six hours playthrough yesterday!

At one point we completed a couple voyages and tracked down loot from parchments we found and had a decent haul to cash in, as we were leaving a small island the waters turned black and we realized the kraken was upon us! We put up a decent fight, but we eventually suffered too much damage and our ship sunk. However, we were lucky and were able to find a rowboat that was attached to our ship, and as we swam back up to the wreckage of our ship, the three of us were left with a lot of treasure, a rowboat, and a goal.


Luckily it was night time, and we could see the lights of an outpost not far from where we were. So we loaded up the loot, pointed ourselves in the right direction, and made a stressful loot drop with nothing but the few bullets we had left. Luckily we made it, but that was definitely the longest and funniest loot drop!

The other notable thing that happened was that we managed to find an active skeleton fort and were successful after many deaths! Tons of good loot, no enemies in sight, we were home free… That is, until we saw purple fins rise from the water. Sadly my friends didn't know that some megs are passive until shot and they immediately fired at it. The meg attacked, and were desperately bucketing water while repairing, hoping to just flee to the safety of an outpost. It was intense to say the least with all the loot we had, but we managed to survive and the meg left as we approached the outpost.

Read:  PSA : If you are hailed, by Trumpet or with a "Friend or Foe", and you DO NOT respond, you WILL BE deemed hostile and be FIRED upon.

We ended the session with getting drunk and sinking gloriously in a storm! Suffice to say, my friends and I are going to make it a point to play this more often!

TLDR: Returning players from launch rediscover the epic fun of SoT and have a blast with tales of adventure and hilarity!

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