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Reworking the Kraken

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Right now the Kraken encounter is fun the first time, but after that it just becomes a nuisance. There are two main problems with the Kraken as of right now: it's too easy to beat and does not offer any rewards making it worthwhile. In order to solve this problem I'm suggesting adding three new attacks and some unique rewards.

Tentacle Wrap: The Kraken disappears from the surface for a couple of seconds giving the players a false sense of security. But all of the sudden the Kraken wraps 3-5 tentacles around the ship starting to pull it down quickly. Each time a tentacle is killed the Kraken loosens his grip for a couple of seconds allowing the ship to bounce back up. The Kraken will continue to pull the ship down untill all of the tentacles wrapped around the boat are killed. (The kraken squashing the ship of course creates a few holes).

Tentacle Smash: The Kraken raises a tentacle high up in the air and then slams it on top of the deck. There is a shadow cast indicating where the tentacle is about to land, and any player standing there gets instantly killed. The hit also causes the boat to begin rocking violently side to side.


Bite: In the final phase of the Kraken fight, the Kraken becomes infuriated by the player putting up a fight and the head emerges from the water. The Kraken will start taking large bites of the boat (just like the Megalodon) creating several holes on the lower deck each time, but also causing the boat to move and rock side to side. The Kraken will combine taking bites out of the boat by using regular attacks making this phase very difficult to complete. If a player does not want to fight Kraken to the death, right before the final phase begins there is a window to sail away.

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For killing this legendary sea monster the player will be greatly rewarded with a tentacle from the Kraken but also its heart. The tentacle can be sold to the Order of Souls for a lot of reputation but also around 5k gold. The heart will lead the player to the "Kraken's chest" which gives reputation in the Gold Horder faction. The heart will beat louder the closer the player gets to the chest allowing the player to figure out the location of the chest. Be cautious when carrying the Kraken's heart, the heartbeats can be heard by passing ships who might want to steal it from you.

(Note with the rewards, that getting a Kraken encounter is very rare. Farming the Kraken is not going to be an issue, it's also a difficult fight that the players should be rewarded for)

If have some even better suggestions please share them in the comments!

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