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Riddle quests and how to improve the experience.

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So I was watching the new weekly update and I had a lightbulb idea hit me when he mentioned going underwater as part of the new event and how important it will be. Needless to say I’m excited to explore the underwater areas and see what they cook up for us down there, maybe we’ll come across some buries treasure down below and have to swim it out then the lightbulb hit. (Disclaimer I would not be surprised if someone else had this idea or similar but this is my take so have mercy on me.)

Treasure hoards for riddle quests. The issue with riddles is they take too much time and effort for only one chest per island. It’s just not what people want to search for when the level grind and money grind.


But what if one riddle lead you to a treasure hoard just like a skull fort does. Instead of waves of Shellie’s your hard work on solving riddles brings you around the island and eventually to a dig spot or a cave opening or having to use a powder keg to explode open a wall to get the hidden treasure. Something that drives the story as well of these piles of gold.

The more steps to a riddle the harder it gets so presumably the bigger the reward. For the one step riddles they can still be just there to dig up a single chest or maybe two if the game feels generous lol.

Let me know what you guys think because I know everyone has their great idea around riddles and how to improve them and hopefully rare takes us up on our ideas one day.

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