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Roughly 40 Hours in and Just Had My Best Session to Date

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I bought my brother Game Pass for his birthday and a few hours later as I started a quest I saw his gamertag pop up. This was the beginning of what ended up being one of the most fun sessions I've had on SoT. I was sailing around trying for the 20 chest achievement when he loaded in. I started showing him the basics and telling him about all of the strategies people had developed since the start of the game.

As we began sailing toward an island, I pointed out a galleon to him. I told him we'd have to keep an eye on it, but they probably wouldn't be a problem. No more than five minutes later I see them heading full steam toward us. We only had about 2k worth of gold on the boat, but I wanted to get it turned in to start him on the right foot. I start explaining about sailing our sloop into the wind and sailing mechanics/strategy. They began launching towards our ship. I told him they were stupid for trying from such a distance just as one anchored us. This was my brother's first shot at pvp and I was honestly nervous we were out of luck. I kill the guy who anchored us and am immediately dispatched by another to the Ferry of the Damned. I see two people on the ferry and then three! When I got back to the sloop my brother had dispatched two pirates, grabbed the anchor, and had us sailing off into the wind. Best sloop-mate ever.


Long story short, we escaped them as they got distracted by a skull fort. We eventually used some confusion and strategy to steal their stronghold chest. I hid in the crow's nest and jumped off with the loot at an outpost while he used the sloop to distract them. This was arguably more exciting than the original story, but I've already hit you with a big wall of text, so I'll leave it for another time. Best and most exciting overall session I've had to date. Beats sailing alone for sure.

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