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RowBoat Tips

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  • You can row, and you can break, find which buttons those are.
  • Breaking with one side, and rowing for the other will let you do tighter turning
  • The rowboat can hold a maximum of 20 items per slot.
  • To dock, just park behind a ship and look up at where it should dock you to get the prompt
  • You can dock a rowboat from the ship, so a friend who is on the ship can dock you as you are closing in
  • To row, hold down the row buttons for a second or so and then let go for about quarter a second


  • To row at a consistent speed, get the timing down on rowing parallel. Left, Right; Release left, Left, Release right, Right, Release left, Left, Release right, Right.
  • Dont beach the boat! Try to park your boat as if it was a ship. So try to park the boat to its side of the island, that way you will be able to quickly move again when leaving an island.
  • Strategise when you want to use the Rowboat. Who will and who wont. Cooperating the rowboat with the ship can yield lots of potential in both efficiency and pvp. An example being in gathering resources from a fort or washed up barrels, or using giant rocks that blocks sight on when you release your rowboat crew to stealthily get to an enemy ship.
  • With enough bananas, you should be able to send someone off to do split voyaging. All he needs is a virtual map outside of the game. That way, he can do other parts of an athena quest while the ship does the others. Also, dont be afraid to row from island to island. Its not too slow.
  • A third enemy ship boarding path has been opened (Excluding cannoning) Dock your crew on the back of their ship. This mostly will work on galleons.
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  • Take on the RowBoat challenge! Do a voyage (Or an athenas) solely on a Rowboat!

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