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Just got in a tiny little skirmish with my girlfriend about what is acceptable and what isn't when playing games. Her and I have very different playstyles and she's super sensitive when it comes to having shade or salt thrown at her or anyone in game as she says that it can ruin everyone's experience. I am too but I have different concerns.

I was just in a thread talking to some of you mateys about the do's and don'ts of pirate banter and when I told her what I thought and some of the replies that I received, she called me out on my behavior as being, "a piece of shit that could ruin the game for other new and beginning players." Obviously stopping banter and salt is not going to happen but what do you folks think about banter in general? Do you think there can be points where it goes to far? Is there a limit at all? I know that I REFUSE to target the persons individual identity whether it's on the base of race, class, gender, sex, orientation. All that stuff is on my no go list and I go out of the way to condemn other players who use it.


With those questions posed however, when my girlfriend told me how she felt about salt, it made me feel like more of an as*hole than I thought I was and now I'm seriously considering taking a step back and considering my actions in the broader sphere of the game. Some may call me a bi*ch for saying this but I want everyone to have fun in this game. Whether you're ambushed by a Privateer W1ngsy's, "Sailor's Thorn" or you're the one doing the attacking, I want everyone to know that at the end of the day, the goal is to have fun and enjoy yourself. If stopping banter and shade throwing means ensuring that the crew I sail with and the opponents we go up against all have a good time, so be it.

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What are your guys' thoughts on the matter and how far do you guys go when it comes to trash talk.

sidenote: WHEN ARE FLAIRS COMING!? I need a merchant alliance flair.

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