Sea of Thieves

Screenshot Database of in-game sets and items.

thumb 1920 718808 1024x576 - Screenshot Database of in-game sets and items.

This is an on-going WIP as new items are added, I get them and have time to get screenshots compiled.


Limited Time Items

Pre-Order Bonus:

  • Onyx/Black Dog Hat
  • Onyx/Black Dog Eye patch
  • Onyx/Black Dog Jacket
  • Onyx/Black Dog Pants
  • Onyx/Black Dog Boots
  • Onyx/Black Dog Gloves
  • Onyx/Black Dog Belt

Pre-launch Mixer:

  • Onyx/Black Dog Flintlock

Xbox Gamepass/Time Card Bonus:

  • Mercenary Hat
  • Mercenary Jacket
  • Mercenary Pants
  • Mercenary Boots
  • Mercenary Gloves
  • Mercenary Belt
  • Mercenary Flintlock
  • Mercenary Blunderbuss
  • Mercenary Eye of Reach
  • Mercenary Sword

Controller Bonus Set:

  • Ferryman Hat
  • Ferryman Jacket
  • Ferryman Pants
  • Ferryman Boots
  • Ferryman Gloves
  • Ferryman Belt
  • Ferryman Flintlock
  • Ferryman Blunderbuss
  • Ferryman Eye of Reach
  • Ferryman Sword

Seagate Xbox External Drive Bonus:

  • Onyx/Black Dog Blunderbuss


  • Day 1 eye patch
  • Launch Crew Eye of Reach

Hungering Deep:

  • Shark Themed Drum
  • Shark Themed Trumpet
  • Shark Themed Tattoo set
  • Shark Themed Scar set
  • Megolodon Figurehead


  • Bone Crusher Hat
  • Bone Crusher Jacket
  • Bone Crusher Boots

Chips Ahoy Promotion:

  • Onyx/Black Dog Compass
  • Onyx/Black Dog Bucket
  • Onyx/Black Dog Shovel
  • Onyx/Black Dog Tankard

Mermaid Statues Event:

  • Wailing Barnacle Hat
  • Wailing Barnacle Jacket
  • Bone Crusher Gloves
  • Bone Crusher Belt

Exploding Skeletons Event:

  • Bone Crusher Flintlock
  • Bone Crusher Blunderbuss
  • Bone Crusher Eye of Reach
  • Bone Crusher Sword
  • Bone Crusher Peg Leg
  • Bone Crusher Hook

E3 2018:

  • Onyx/Black Dog Drum
  • Onyx/Black Dog Eye of Reach

Anniversary 2018:

  • Bear and Bird (Banjo Kazooie) Figurehead

Cursed Sails Event:

  • Bone Crusher Sails
  • Bone Crusher Hull
  • Bone Crusher Figurehead
  • Bone Crusher Tattoo set
  • Bone Crusher Scar set

Mixer Stream 21 Aug 2018:

  • Huntress (Perfect Dark) Figurehead

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