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Last night I was on with my Buddies one of which just hit Pirate Legend. Said Pirate Legend opened up access to the hideout so I could take a look. While I was browsing around another Brigantine was approaching so my two buddies cast of as to avoid conflict and left me in the hideout. By the time I exited the hideout the other crew had already docked. I lurked in the shadows watching them unload treasure. I finally approached and waved at the crew. I was not killed on site so I started making small talk. In the end I allowed them to kill me so I could get a different flame from the ferry. Went back to my ship and filled in my mates on how chill these guys were. Later on we are sailing in heavy fog when we pass by an island with one of those fire that you have to light. So I jumped off to go light the flame while my crew went on to Plunder Outpost to cash in. After I lit the flame I was on my way to the water to catch a mermaid when I saw a rowboat just sitting there. I thought that the outpost cant be to far and I think I remember which direction they were heading when i jumped off. I bet I could just row there. So I start rowing and rowing and rowing thinking I know which direction to go (I did not). As I was rowing aimlessly a Brigantine ship is headed in my general direction. I start hollering Help! I need a ride! To my surprise the Brig raises sails and hollered to come aboard. I jumped off my row boat and started swimming. When I approach it turned out to be the same 3 dudes from my last encounter. One of them says "Are you sure you have a ship? every time we see you, you have no ship". When I got on board I asked for a lift to Plunder Outpost. Unfortunately they were headed to a skeleton fort and denied me passage. With my rowboat no longer in site I asked for direction to the outpost and permission to use there cannon to shoot me as far as possible. They gave me the direction and instead of using there Cannon gave me permission to use there row boat instead. We all had a good laugh, I thanked them and hopped on the rowboat and started my journey again (This time in the right direction) By this point my buddies are getting off for the night so I tell them to leave the boat docked so I can see if I can row to it. I eventually made it back to my boat. I saw the skeleton fort was still active and thought hey why don't I go show these guys that I do have a boat and to return there rowboat. As I approached the fort they offered an alliance flag which I joined. I showed them that I did in fact have a boat! We cleared the fort together and sailed on to Plunder Outpost to cash in and call it a night. It was a great experience. Thank you Auron, Arcanith, and /u/Gunnyo0

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