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Guys.. this is no mere than a sad rant. I have played the game since day 1 and loved everything about it. Pirate legend, all bilge rat commendations etc.. never really felt the need to rant about anything happening.

But.. i have now spent 15 hours trying to do the dancing crew commendation with an alliance with matching sails. Either the alliance doesn't have the sails, theyre either not good enough and sink, they leave the alliance half way through for no reason but.. but the one thats caused me to rant here is when i am on the last ship of the encounter, we are mid battle.. and it despawns because the timer runs out.

Granted, i am doing this on a sloop because if i can complete it once i will literally unlock 9 commendations for doing it under these conditions. So partly, my fault aye..

I understand there is a time limit for a reason.. but do we not have any room for leanway? I mean, being on the last wave and literally on it with a keg about to send all sorrows to Daveys Locker and.. and it takes me to the bottom off the ocean with it.. I wish it let us finish the last ship, at least..


Now, it takes about an hour to try and get your friends onto the server, a further 20-30m stocking up your ship, especially with kegs and such, and then about an hour for the encounter. We executed it perfectly, we had 1 keg per 1 ship, defended the holes and it sank. Did this successfully for each one, ramming them as soon as they spawn.

All taken away by the damn clock. Im not sure what im asking for, if anything.. im just a little salty today. Especially as its now been my 3rd attempt for the Wilds. Eh, i guess just make sure you try to attempt it from the second the region is on rotation.. #feelsbadman

Happy sailing y'all!

TLDR; Last Wilds ship despawns mid combat on timer end = sadface.

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