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Sea of Thieves complete Lore Recap

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The Sea of thieves is an archipelago that is located somewhere in the Caribbean. It is surrounded by a constantly moving, constantly evolving shroud of fog known as the "Devil's Shroud" it used to be inhabited by a group of Natives but they have long since been wiped out by something. Cave paintings suggest that they used to worship many creatures of the Sea of Thieves like deities. Megalodons, Krakens, and giant Crabs were some. in order to get into the Sea of Thieves you had to either somehow breach the Shroud which was nearly impossible or you would go through a one-way portal in the middle of the archipelago. It is unknown where you enter this portal but some crews have managed to find it and travel through it.

The Sea of Thieves has been plagued with a curse for eternity. This Curse was brought about by the natives and is most likely what wiped them out. Similar to a virus, the "Skeleton Curse" can be transmitted between people by touch or by taking over a dead body. The curse will slowly transform somebody into a skeleton, corrupting their mind into destroying or infecting whoever is not one of them.

The first ever ship to enter the Sea of Thieves was the Blackwyche. The Blackwyche was a combat vessel most likely in use by the British Royal navy. Most of the crew on the Blackwyche fell victim to the Skeleton Curse and transformed into hideous beasts. The last surviving crew member Sir Arthur Pendragon. He came into possession of a sword which he used to dispatch the skeletons and demons on board. it is not known what happened to Pendragon but the remains of the Blackwyche can be found in Shipwreck bay. People say that the remaining Skeletons of the crew converted Arthur into a Skeleton. they then scattered across the Sea of Thieves starting the first skeleton reign over the archipelago.

Captain Flameheart was next. He came to the Sea of Thieves under the order of the Twisted Knife, a gang of pirates who ordered him to enter the portal and find a treasure. He kept a journal as he traveled until he found the chest he was looking for. Soon later he fell victim to the Skeleton Curse and left his journal and the chest behind. Two other pirates named Bell and Nura stumble upon Flameheart's journal. Bell uses it as a diary where she confesses that she can communicate with the Merfolk, an aquatic race that inhabits the waters of the Sea of Thieves. Eventually the two locate a chest left behind by Flameheart. She discovers it was a Merfolk chest and brings it to the Merfolk to discover what's inside.

The Merfolk congregate in the western waters of the Golden Sands outpost where they would perform rituals in a ruined temple that would turn normal people into Merfolk like them. It is not clear how this actually works.


Bell met them and showed them the Chest. They were immediately furious at the sight of the chest. It had a curse bestowed upon it that would summon a massive dark sea beast that would terrorize the seas. Bell and Nura then went on to attempt to sell the chest to whoever was foolish enough to buy it.

Suddenly the ship was overtaken by the Twisted Knife who demanded the chest be taken back to them for they were the people that got Flameheart to recover it years ago. Bell and Nura decided to deliver it to the leader of the gang who was searching for the chest forever.

On their voyage the curse on the chest brought the Kraken, a massive tentacled monster that wrapped itself around their ship. Soon one of the tentacles knocked the chest overboard and the Kraken stopped attacking and sank beneath the sea. It is thought by many that the Kraken is actually the Captain of the Blackwyche that was corrupted by the cursed chest and turned into the beast. The Twisted Knife then poisoned the crew of Bell's chip and tried to take over it once again, they fought the gang off and continued on. Never again did they encounter the chest, the Twisted Knife, or the Kraken ever again.

The Pirate lord claims to be the first ever pirate to enter the Sea of Thieves. Because of this feat, the keeper of the damned himself let his ghost wander without limit. The ghosts of him and his crew can be found in the Pirate Legend's hideout hidden inside of an island in the Sea of Thieves. There pretty much anyone can take voyages and quests from the lord.

The Sea of Thieves now has 3 main factions. The Gold hoarders are a branch of pirates that send others out to recover artifacts and chests to feed their greed. The Merchants Alliance is an alliance of… well merchants… They most likely originate from the trading companies in Britain. They buy things like cloths, wines, plants, and animals. The Order of Souls are a cult-like group that take the skulls of those affected by the Skeleton Curse and harvest them for knowledge.

You play the role of a Pirate who just started out in the Sea of Thieves. You wake up in a bar at an outpost with a banana, dagger and map. You can then go out, Hunt giant sea creatures, battle other pirates and skeletons, and discover treasure. Maybe during your adventures you can discover the mystery of the Skeleton Curse or uncover the Devil's Shroud… Who knows what awaits you…

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