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Hello everyone! figured its about time someone hard crunched the numbers and got exact estimates of percent damage all the weapons can do so yeah here it is. Thanks to the crews that were super cool in helping me get this done, their names are in the images provided so credit to where its due

1) Sword: This one people are likely to already know, But I tested it anyway just to be sure, A regular sword attack does exactly 20% of your health. This was calculated by counting the pixels lost and dividing it by the total pixels in the health bar. (banana for scale) Blunderbuss Damage
Because I was the one being shot for science, I cannot guarantee that I was only hit with one, however I was assured that this was the case, and I'm sure we can trust the crew, I mean, they are pirates after all. However, due to the "single shot" only taking 14.76% of my health, we can definitely assume it was only a single pellet, as if it were two or more, the damage wouldn't add up correctly to kill a pirate in a single shot. So assuming one pellet does about 15% of your health, only 7 out of the 10 pellets fired need to connect with the intended target in order to kill them. Which explains why the blunderbuss is a great option for boarding.


tl;dr: Sword: 20% Lunge: 50% Pistol: 53.8% Eye of reach: 63.8% Blunderbuss: 14.76% per pellet, at ten pellets per shot.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk please let me know if there's anything else you'd like to know.

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