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Sea of Thieves development in terms of content for the coming years

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Ahoy mateys,

I have listened carefully to what Joe Neate and Mike Chapman have said at the (<
Leap frogging SoT developers.

Rare has stated that they'll keep working on developing Sea of Thieves for years to come. The most exciting conclusion here is that – provided that there aren't too many huge delays – by a year or two the Sea of Thieves will be a very rich gaming experience.

Their goal for every update is to add a scope of content to:

  1. New ways of playing (quest types and how you go about that).

  2. Goals (for everyone and for Pirate Legends).

  3. The Journey (everything that happens in between).

Which they break down into 3 areas:

  1. Threats.

  2. Big tools.

  3. Small tools.

**The Hungering Deep** had a short development time (about 7 weeks) and they only had time for the new threat and small tools.

  1. Threat: Megan.

  2. Big tools: –

  3. Small tools: Speaking trumpet and drums.

The way they implemented Megan (Merrick's story, boss fight) was as a showcase, and she should be added as an emergent encounter "Very Soon"^^TM .

They plan to introduce all new content in this manner. A big bombastic introduction at the start of every update, then the new content becomes part of the world afterwards.

**Cursed Sails** (about 12 weeks of developing time) will bring:

  1. Threat: AI Skeleton Galleon.

  2. Big tool: Brigantines.

  3. Small tool: Cursed cannonballs.

**Forsaken Shores** (about 17 weeks of development time):

  1. Threat: Vulcanos in new area – Devil's Roar.

  2. Big tool: Row boats.

  3. Small tool: To be announced closer to release.

They have already announced that there will be at least 3 more updates to come after Forsaken Shores "This Year"^^TM . By applying Joe's desired plan to have a new update every 6 weeks and combining that with the statement that the game will be developed for years, **this could mean that we will have gotten 12 more updates after Forsaken Shores by March 2020!**

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– **12 New threats that aren't even discussed yet!**

– **12 New "Big tools"!**

– **12 New sets of "Small tools"!**

And because they haven't even started working on most of these, they'll have plenty of time to look at community feedback. They can cherry pick the best ideas and implement them at some point.

The best part about this: those later updates will all have seperate teams working on them for about 23 weeks each when they manage to enter this "rhythm" that Joe keeps mentioning. (as opposed to the 7 weeks for The Hungering Deep).


Even Joe acknowledges that 6 weeks might be a little tight and he jokes about expecting push-back from the developers. I think most gamers will prefer better updates that take longer over incomplete updates that are making deadlines. So maybe it won't be 12, but still: even if it's like 9 big updates with that much development time invested in it, content should be very good.

I think this game will keep me returning to it for years.

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