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Sea Of Thieves didnt just die, it was murdered: Response

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CleanPrinceGaming your latest video is absolutely false. You have done these videos before with other game titles. And those you were even wrong on. Lets take a dive into cleanprincediving shall we mateys.

About a week before the official release of SOT you uploaded a peculiar video praising literally a the entire game and Rare for what SOT was. And then it released, and here is where you come in. Reviews start to appear, and your video praising SOT didnt fit the journalists narrative. Your video recieved hate and a good amount of dislikes.

A week later you make a video about how you were wrong about Sea Of Thieves. And in that video YOU went back on every word you said about praising Sea Of Thieves. Just save your skin. You didnt stick up for what you believed in to save your reputation. Youve done this before with other "unpopular" games.

Now i had no problem with these vids until your most recent one. That is poorly written and researched just to get quick views. Ironic since The Hungering Deep releases this Tuesday. Hmm. Not all your points are wrong yes some glitches still plague the game and its quite boring to play Solo at times. But you lose ALL CREDIBILITY when you blindly rant about issues that arent issues. Accusing rare on a scale of lying similar to No Mans Sky. You try to provide proof that utterly falls flat if you simply just google it. The "proof" you did provide is mainly from untrusted and uncredible sources.

Then you not only crossed the line, you spat in this communities face. You proclaimed like you were some high rated critic that SOT could NEVER become a Rainbow 6 Siege or Final Fantasy because of one reason. Rare didnt have a previous SOT. Your whole damn argument falls apart here! You still have not provided any source for Sea Of Thieves having dead servers or a small player base. No, you insist that it cant recover because it didnt have a previous game? You realize the last rainbow game that came out was 7 years prior and was completely different, right. Or final fantasy.


It gets worse. He even proclaims "No Amount of Content updates, DLC, or updates will save Sea Of Thieves". Contrary to most of the reviews they all agreed all SOT needed was some more content for players. Saying the base game and mechanics are extraordinary. Im so perplexed by how you couldnt see Rare already has a faithfull following. Sea Of Thieves will recover because you forgot one thing. Rare is genuine and so is this community. Weekls BTS videos and dev updates daily keep us in the light. They already have won most of our trust, and so they have with us.

You even talk about the Hungering Deep quite fast, covering everything players wantes. New mechanics, new mission variety, new AI, new custimzation, etc etc. And you say it dosnt matter… the thing people want "CONTENT" you say dosnt matter to fit your general audiences agenda. Shmm. Pathetic

In the end, we enjoyed the peacefulness we had, our community is genetally happy and quite large! Hundreds and thousands of us enjoy SOT. If you want to get views and likes, next time make genuine content. We already know your gonna make a vid "How I was Wrong about being wrong about Sea Of Thieves". This game is only 2 months old, it can only get better from here. Now do us a favorr, get the hell of mey Ship! And walk the plank Matey!! Hahaha it be a pirates life!

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