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Sea of Thieves Weekly Stream: The Six Tavern Challenge – Summary

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  • Bits in the captains quarter, such as the small ship, has been prototyped for use, and will be given function as the updates come out.
  • They are currently working on unused skelly forts, because some are more complex and pathing is more complicated. *Soontm*. May stagger their release.
  • Raising tankard "*only a matter of time*".
  • Barrel UI change coming, you go into the barrels now, so they store more than one item.
  • They've "barely even scratched the surface" – When asked about adding more weapons. More types of cannonballs is possible and more types of weapons are coming, not in the next few updates though.
  • Pets in 2019 minimum. want to make it be functional, interact with the world etc
  • More cursed chests are coming, cursed artefacts too!
  • Something small soon to enrich the Athena grind, Medium term a slightly larger update for PL's. Proper visit for PL's changes are long term.
  • Something about skeleton ships, i missed it 🙁 Think it was something to do with making them something other than their post-cursed sails implementation; which they said was indication by a ship shaped cloud in the sky.
  • "Puzzles on islands"? Loves the idea of it, but not sure how you would make it repayable, its a problem they want to find a solution to.
  • "Interesting idea harpoons, wish we'd thought of it" (**/S**). "What would you harpoon though, i'd feel bad about harpooning whales". ??????
  • They've identified that forts need merchant alliance loot. Coming soon!
  • More mermaid lore and underwater part of the game is something they want to explore and is coming
  • Something about sea wildlife whales and dolphins, wasn't around to hear properly what they said :(((( – Somebody please fill this in!
  • Shop above Order of Souls will be used and outpost buildings will be expanded as they introduce more NPC's
  • Man-of-war with 6+ players has been discussed, no immediate plans.

I need to go now so i cant keep updating but they haven't had any content questions in a while – 18:33 BSTPlease add any more if i have missed them or if any more get said.


OKay im actually going now 18:48 BST

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