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Second Order Of Souls journey type suggestion

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As mentioned in the title, I've thought of a decently good idea for a second OOS quest. These are just suggestions, but I think they're pretty good ones: (text block warning)

You are given a OOS journey. When you get that journey, instead of a skeleton captain, it shows a ship: either a seaweed-covered ship, a normal ship, or a golden ship. It then tells where the ship was last spotted. When you get to the area around the island, you read the journey, the text glows, and the ship rises up from the ocean, appearing as one of the three types mentioned before. You need to be careful, since if you go too far away from the island, the ship will disappear back into the waves.

  • Normal Ship: These ships can spawn with your normal skeleton enemies in them, and waving a black Jolly Roger flag and sail. These ships you have to destroy, and they then drop a "Haunted Flag" or another item, which you can take to the OOS as proof you destroyed the ship. These ships can either spawn as Sloops or Galleons, depending on the buyer's level and whether they have a galleon or sloop.

  • Ancient Ship: These ships spawn with seaweed-type skeletons on them, and are covered with seaweed and algae. They fly a torn flag with seaweed hanging from the masts. Although very slow attackers, Ancient Ships often spawn with a lot of skeletons on them, and have a tendency to fire troops over from their cannons. They have few cannons on their deck, but are very fast and thus, very hard to hit. They usually spawn in sloops, only spawning in Galleons for very high level quests, due to their fast nature.

  • Golden Ship: These ships spawn with gold-type skeletons, and are plated with gold. They fly soggy-looking sails and flags with a gold anchor decal.These ships are very rare, since they only spawn as galleons and are piled with gold. They are slow, keeping with the slow gold-type theme, but they have a lot of cannons and fire very quickly. They only start firing at close range or once fired upon. They have very few pirates on board, and their ships can take quite a beating. Because they are so rare and loaded with gold, they occasionally have chests on board.

These journeys, when in around 40+ journeys and Athena journeys, also might spawn in fleets. These usually include two sloops and one galleon. Since there are multiple ships, they have bigger rewards.

Not essential, but this would be nice: There might also be an option to link up journeys by placing your journey on their voyage table, and the crew can vote on whether or not to ally with the other. During the time of the journey, your ships cannot hurt each other, and when the loot is deposited when the journey ends and the spoils are sold at the outpost, it is shared with both crews. After the loot is cashed in, the alliance is ended, and the ships can hurt each other again.

Hope you liked my idea! I'll be posting this on the SoT forums too, so I'll post that link in the comments.

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