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Server merging is quite an illogical feature of this game. I question if it cannot be implemented better?

Sea of Thieves Wallpaper 1200x666 1024x568 - Server merging is quite an illogical feature of this game. I question if it cannot be implemented better?

I am an individual who likes to galleon hunt.

If there are no galleons available, I will chase after Brigs instead.

All this is done solo, in a sloop.

The process for preparing for a hunt usually requires around 100 cannonballs, 40-50 wood planks, and 30 or so bananas.

Afterward, I have to scout the map in search of one of the aforementioned ships.

But when none are present, or there's just 1 or 2 sloops in the same sever, then I'd like to get transferred to another server.

Merge me. At that point, I'll thank you for doing so.

But when I've found a galleon in the same server as I, and I'm having a blast fighting them for the sake of the scrap, and they sink or I do, then please please don't transfer me to another server.

I spent a lot of time looking for one manually, joining from the menu as it takes forever.

Then I have to prep and scout again and waste more time.

"Why not attack other sloops?"

Because sloops are used by people who are choosing to opt out of the team experience, and the sloop vs sloop scenario leaves something to be desired, at least in my opinion.

Don't get me wrong, I welcome a sloop that comes looking for a fight, but I adhere to the sloop code which dictates that you don't instigate violence against other sloops.

They're generally used by some guy and his wife, or some dad and his son/daughter.


Harmless unless they're instigating violence, but I already fly the Reaper flag to indicate that it's alright with me.

(You don't have to play as I do, this is just how I personally operate on SoT.)

Anyway, server merging is an illogical feature that I can't understand what makes it suddenly think you're in an empty server.

When I got transferred over, while in the server with galleon, I ended up in a server with only one other ship.

A Brig. No cosmetics. And they were parked in a rock. Not facing a rock, not against it, but touching it with the front of their ship.

I board it, hoping that maybe it's secretly a bunch of Legends not trying to raise suspicion.

Nope. One guy standing guard. Seems like he just started playing yesterday.

I do a little bit of damage to him, but end up giving him a banana when I start to feel "sorry".

What am I suppose to do? Kick his shit in? That's hardly fun.

Come on, Rare…

TL;DR: Why does everyone else get the arseholes who pursue them to the end of the Earth while I'm left with Jimmy and his brigade of sailors with no hands…? I envy you guys who complain about "toxic" players, and how you can't do voyages without being harassed.

Trade me places!

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