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So I was doing some thinking about making some little improvements to the cosmetics, while a good chunk of em are nice and all what if they had some kind of set effect to reward the higher tier cosmetics like the level 50 ships stuff so they could differ from the normal ones, I only have ideas about the ship sets and I will list my ideas for them underneath

  • Royal Sovereign set: The figure head will spew little gold pieces out of the chest the lion holds

  • Rouge Sea Dog: The eyes glow a sinister red color on the figure head, sails, and the skulls on the side

  • Ceremonial Admiral: Around the tip of the trident there is swirling water around it and maybe some more effects (I'm a little short on ideas for this one sadly)

  • Shark Hunter(Without "The Hungering One" figure head): The whole ship would have shark bites all over it and on some of the interior equipment like a big chunk of the mast was bitten out of it

  • Shark Hunter(With "The Hungering One" figure head): The eyes would have more of a glowing effect than they do and maybe we could make the shark teeth on the front of the ship and the sail would glow the same color and there would still be bite marks on the boat

  • Bilge Rat: The light on the angler fish would be glowing and make a little animation of the grog tankards clanking (I have no clue about the Scurvy and Castaway bilge rat sets, these sets in general are very weak and not many people run them so making a nice effect might make people want to run it more

  • Hunter: Make the lanterns open on top like how you can see those fires on islands (I need more ideas for this one I'm sorry I don't know what to do with this one)

  • Bone Crusher: The Eyes of the figurehead glow a ghostly green color (Maybe something else), and there would be skulls scattered about the ship like on the wheel, on railings, on shelves, and on barrels

  • Legendary: Make all the legend symbols glow (I know its short but its a simple one)

  • Ghost: I would just say make the symbols glow but I feel like it should be a little special wit this one, make it so your ship looks like a ghost ship with all the stuff like the broken sail that just floating and all the other little railings being all broken but still floating next to it

So thats a little rundown of my idea hopefully this is received well and hell maybe make it into the game, I want to hear your guys ideas too especially for clothing cause having set effect clothing would be cool too.

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