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Severe lack of functionality in clothing being added…

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I love the new outfits, don't get me wrong. I just really would like to get outfits that multiply options instead of just getting one-off outfits that have bright colors that match 1 or 2 other items in the game and so everyone wearing that item looks the same. When an item is multiplicative it can be 1 item of a set that actually creates 100 new outfits…if the item doesn't match anything else…it's just that one outfit so it adds 1 outfit option.

Neutral and natural textures (Of the same color) can be more or less worn with any color set: Black, White, Leather, etc. While sure…they aren't flashy…they work with EVERYTHING.

Iconography is another problem: symbols that repeat…e.g. the new Fire symbol removed the ability for that set to be used across multiple cosmetics because similar things don't have that symbol and look out of place as they unbalance the symbol's presence in the outfit. The glowing fire also removes it from being multi-functional…sure it's iconic…but it's a one-off now.

I get it….as an artist you want things to wow the audience…but can we please step back and understand what the impulse has been doing to the overall lack of diversity in cosmetics?

The Neutral Base: "Jacket"…the starter item we all get…why can't we have items that match this leather color…but in more interesting shapes? Then we could wear ALL of them with multiple outfit types? More boots in this leather, more belts in this leather, etc…Suddenly we have a HUGE number of options and ways to mix and match. Add in an iconic item set with that leather and people can incorporate the pieces they like into a truly unique outfit.

Without the neutral base all these wacky fun outfits mean nothing. It's the WoW problem where adding more floaty glowy bits means nothing because everyone has floaty glowy bits.

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The Worst Case Scenario: Rogue Sea Dog…awesome jacket, love white…oh…yellow leather….can't wear it with normal leather…so the only items I can wear it with can't be anything but yellow leather or just not leather at all. Not a single hat in the game I can wear it with…still.

Color and Iconography Examples:

  • Crab Jacket was brown in the datamine, now it's bright blue. No longer multi-functional and can't be worn with a majority of the cosmetics now. It also has little to no opening so you can't make it look different with layering. Thanks.
  • Kraken purple is purple…great that is pretty neutral…oh…wait…bright blue accents. Nope. Also no layering option.
  • Barnacle Outfit wasn't blue…now it's bright blue. (I'm sensing a pattern of neutral things turning bright blue). It also has a repeating symbol and the red "seaweed" shoulderpads match literally nothing.

Moving on from the bright blue debacle…
– Corsair Seadog…mustard leather…useless.
– Bilge Rat…mint green?
– Sea Dog…cool black leather that's neutral…Rogue Sea Dog…yellow leather? What? There is only a few yellow leather items in the game at all. It's the same set every time.

This is just jackets. I could rant about how the undershirt layer is just entirely ignored but could be the focal point in which diversity can be noticeable…but nope…more pastels and closed jackets that overlay the pants layer as well so everyone wearing it looks identical…also can't even show off tattoos.


Need less pastels and more "homogeneity" in minor things like the color of the leather so we can mix and match instead of 1 outfit being 1 new outfit instead of 1 outfit being interesting but neutral enough that it creates 100 new possible outfit combinations. If it doesn't look right with other items it won't be worn with other items. There are more fruitful ways to impress us with new cosmetics.

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