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Shame on you, Rare, for the state of the Kraken.

Sea of Thieves Wallpaper 1200x666 1024x568 - Shame on you, Rare, for the state of the Kraken.

No loot. No achievements. No reputation or other in-game reward. No body render.

Are there going to be special rewards for killing the Kraken?

There will be rewards, deliberately so, physical rewards like chests and so on.

Source: Mike Chapman, Rare's Design Director

So, the hard thing is prioritizing just what is the right thing to put in for launch. We have all these things we want to do – but what's good enough for launch?

(Mike Chapman)

Apparently, the Kraken was not one of those.

…if the special outfit we saw on the art director’s office wall is anything to go by, there seem to be rewards for repelling the beast. The fact that I know how it will work, but not exactly when I’ll see it or how I’ll be rewarded for fighting it seems like the sweet spot Rare is aiming for.

Source, IGN


Some may say…

Duh, you don't KILL the Kraken yet, you just scare it away!

Rare didn't finish it on time. We all deserve better than that cheeky excuse. That slides in a free game, or a $30 game, but a full-priced game? No. Rare was intentionally cagey about the Kraken, not letting anyone see it in the beta and only showing select parts of it to the media. Now we know why.

Let's go to the community review.

Leaked Kraken art
Kraken optimism Realization Bartering

Now, I want to say, the mechanics of the fight are cool. The interviews were clearly embellished (I've never seen it pick ships up, nor does it seem to be some monster with genius AI that dynamically changes its strategy each time you fight it) but I enjoyed fighting it. That doesn't change the fact that it's not finished yet.

Rare, share your plans with us for completing the Kraken.

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