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Shared my Gold Horder voyage loot with a kid [Story]

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Yesterday I was playing with a buddy of mine who I play with often. Normally, we do a great job hauling loot. Yesterday it was a shit show of constantly getting sunk before we had a chance to turn in. He politely rage quite. I quickly followed suit.

But I couldn't let failure be the end of my day. After some cooling off in Stardew Valley, I jumped back into a solo sloop, determined to weigh my boat down to the water line with loot (oh, if only!). I got lucky with a GH voyage of 8 chests on 3 islands, all on the first chapter of a multi chapter voyage.

Continuing on with my voyage, I finally stashed about 15 Marauder's, 10 Captain's, along with a few other random trinkets and skulls, all laid out across the poop deck, and spilling out over the stair case. By this time it was already way past my bed time and I decided this would have to do. Meh, but better than earlier. So a win.

I decided to make things go a little smoother from this point on, and open up my crew to have someone come in and help me unload and sell. Within a minute or so a kid joins (a "squeaker" as some would say, and boy did he prove why the title exists).


He shouts "Hey, man, so whatcha- OH MY GOD!" and he stops dead at the bottom of the staircase, with flashes of 'CAPTAIN! LOOK!' racing through my head.

"AH! What?" I yelped.


"It's just a GH voyage, my dude. I need you to help me turn in, then the ship is yours"

"OK! Holy crap! How long did this take you?!"

"I dunno, a couple hours" (taking into account my earlier scrape with my Galleon friends)


He went on to thank me profusely, saying I was the nicest pirate ("daw, you make me blush") and he was taking a screenshot to show all his friends. Apparently he'd never seen so much loot in one sitting.

"Do you just not turn in??" he squeaks.

"That's the trick…" I reply.

We unload, he bumps up a few levels, and I crest over to level 49 in GH. Before I leave I throw down a higher level voyage for him (about 15 chests across 6 islands) and he couldn't be happier.

I don't know if you ever finished your voyage, young pirate, but I hope the SS Rotten Banana brought you as much luck and protection on your voyage as it (mostly) did me, and that you got to turn in mountains of loot.

TL;DR: Let a random kid join my sloop to help me unload my haul and made his day with how much loot there was for him.

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