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Ship Hotspots – An Idea For Further Ship Customization

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In the Sea of Thieves art book, I noticed plenty of design options for the ships. Different furnishings, different placement of furniture, and so forth. Since launch, all we can change are the hull, figurehead, sails, and more recently the flags.

I'm not 100% certain why they were removed, I have an idea as to how furniture can work: hotspots. If they were designed this way, then I ask you 100% ignore what I'm about to say.

Anyone who's played runescape since construction came out should know how it works. You have a room. You have hotspots. You can build specific things in those hotspots, and those hotspots only. My thoughts are that when in port by a shipwright, you can go to specific spots on your ship and change out the furnishings.

Say you go to the bottom deck and there're all these barrels lying around. If you went up to them, you'd get a prompt to let you customize, to which you could swap out normal barrels for ones filled with skulls like what you'd see on Skeleton ships. Perhaps some rolls of silk and crates filled with rum.

Let's say you're on a galleon, you enter the Captain's quarters and you go to a bare wall. You could hang up a map of the Sea of Thieves. Mount skulls of the various tiers to display the heads you've taken. Maybe adorn your walls with gold accents and jewels.


Something that you can edit, but will not be moveable or customizable outside of the shipwright to avoid any issues. One thing I would like to see, however, is the furniture being intractable. Say you go up to a barrel of skulls, your pirate could pull one out and attempt to mind read it like the Order, only to fail miserably, or do the classic "Alas, poor Yorrick" pose. Merchant items you would be doing stock on a clipboard. Gold items, you'd be able to tally your coin or polish some rare trinkets and baubles that are part of your stash.

To keep players from mistaking it for loot though, it would have to be distinctly different from the actual items. Say the skulls are drained of the energy that made them glow.

Finally, the items could be earned every time you purchased a promotion. I could see level 10 you could get a foul skull wall. Level 20, disgraced; 30, hateful. Villainous at 40, then get stronghold skulls once you get to level 50. These would give more sense of progression as you could live in more luxury on your boat, and let other ships know just how much work your crew has done beforehand.

There's my idea. Something that when customized lets you interact with it. If you guys have something you want to add, share it with the class. All I request is we keep conversations civil.

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