Sea of Thieves

Shipwrecks / sunken ships need a revamp!

Sea of Thieves 3 - Shipwrecks / sunken ships need a revamp!

I'm sure this has been said already but I wanted to throw in my ideas! Post any suggestions you have too!

Overview: Shipwrecks have been in the game since Alpha. They used to be an exciting part of the game and always very loot and supply rich. However with all of the recent game expansions they have been somewhat left behind and I think they need to be revisited!

Suggestion 1: Change the sunken ships appearance and/or ship types!

A simple suggestion to start off, every sunken ship looks the same. A nice and easy (I assume) change would be to add a bit of variety. Some sunken ships could be Brigs or Sloops and have all sorts of ship customisation. People could even submit their ship customisation and names and they could be added to the game as a nice community Easter egg!

Suggestion 2: Fill them with a new PvP threat

Maybe some deadly mermaids or angry crabs? Just make sunken ships more of an interactive experience! Plus more danger can mean more loot!

Suggestion 3: Booby-Trapped shipwrecks


With skeleton ships roaming the seas, a nice new way to interact with them would be to have some shipwrecks be booby trapped! As you approach a large group of birds slowly, ready for some exciting loot… SURPRISE! A skeleton ship appears instead! Absolutely bamboozled!

Suggestion 4: Incorporate all of these changes with a bilge rat adventure!

With all of these changes, a bilge rat adventure should not be far behind! Find sunken ship specific rare chests and explore the seas! Each sunken ship could have a special lore book hidden somewhere that players have to find and they can read about the shops adventures before it sank! Makeships great again!

Looking forward to hearing everyone's thoughts!

TL;DR Add special loot, new mobs and even booby trap some shipwrecks, make them a more exciting part of the game!

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