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Should we just move “regular updates schedule” from Tuesday to Thursday?

718807.jpg 1024x576 - Should we just move "regular updates schedule" from Tuesday to Thursday?

I am kind of wondering why these keep getting pushed back and wondering if it would be better to just move it to Thursdays for good. The same thing happened during the update for the Skeleton Thrones.

I am not complaining but saying:

" Pirates! Our regularly scheduled maintenance and this week's game update will not be coming on Tuesday. We'll be able to post an update here tomorrow so you know when to expect it."

…24 hours before you drop the patch normally and then on that day stating:

" Pirates! The #SeaOfThieves servers will be offline on Thursday the 28th June between 10am and 2pm BST for essential maintenance. More information to follow. Until then, enjoy finishing off Skeleton Thrones!"

…kind of sends out mixed messages.


Are we pushing too hard to release the content every two weeks and instead moving to something that looks closer to 3 weeks instead?

Is there something I missed?

Again I am not complaining I am just wondering if maybe this trend may turn into the norm. That being Tuesday is the day when we are told when the patch can be expected and then releasing it Thursday or maybe just forgoing the attempt to get it implemented during the normal schedule on Tuesdays and instead moving it to Thursdays.

I don't think anyone out there would complain if it moved. After all, I think most players would prefer that it be more polished rather than rushed just to meet a date that may have unrealistically been assigned in the past.

TL;DR: Maybe we should move our updates from Tuesday from Thursdays since this seems to be the norm as of late.

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