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Shoutout to the sloop last night helping me with a skull fort

Desktop 06.11.2017 1024x576 - Shoutout to the sloop last night helping me with a skull fort

So a little story from last night,

I'm a pretty low level, something around 15/20/15. I had 3 chicken coops on board, about to call it a day when I see a skull fort cloud appear. I had no intention of doing it I was just passing the fort to get to the closest outpost. I spotted your sloop from a distance going for the fort and I tried using the trumpet to tell you I'm friendly and only passing. You did not shoot at me or turn towards me so I thought to myself you had to have heard my cries of mercy. After a few minutes you magically appear on my mighty sloop like a wizard and slaughter me. I respawn, you are nowhere to be found. I go to the lower decks to check my chickens and you slaughtered them all. I said to myself fu*k it, I have nothing to lose now. I altered hard to starboard to approach the fort and once again you appear on my ship like some fu*king magical ghost ( Yeah, I probably should watch the ladders more). You start yelling FRIENLY FRIENDLY. I replied the same. We continued to do the skull fort and I still was in tears for the death of my chickens. I told you that I demand a piece of the cut in the end to repay for the chickens and you agreed. After we finished you two guys gave me I think 3/4 of the loot. We saild away together when an enemy sloop decided to attack us. I tried helping you but I noticed the enemy sloop was dominating us 2vs1 and a god damn megaladon attacked. I noped the fu*k out with my precious loot and left you to sink. As I sailed away I saw both of you sink almost at the same time…It made me heart broken, I thought to myself 'maybe I could have saved them' but I just thought about my chickens you slaughtered and happily sailed away into the sunset.

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