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I play solo sloop a ton since I don’t have a crew to play regularly with and I would love to have something exorbitantly expensive to spend gold on that would provide a small benefit to players on any ship, but might be more beneficial to smaller crews so here are my brainstorms

  1. Buying an Artifact from OoS for a truly tremendous sum of money that would spawn say 2 skeletons on your ship that would act as sentries in case of boarders, they respawn over time if killed but are no more durable than standard skeletons

  2. Merchant alliance could sell a “deckhand” who would slowly alter the sails direction to better catch the wind, this would occur at maybe 1/10th the speed an actual crewmate could achieve but for a solo captain could help a lot!

  3. Gold hoarders could sell a “shipwright” who would maintain hull integrity, in other words slowly repair the ships hull, again this would be much slower than a player doing it but automatic, it would of course reduce your store of planks, you could add in a second item the “bilge boy” who might bucket out any water in your boat, once again at drastically reduced speeds.

These permanent bonuses are small enough that I don’t feel they would negatively impact newer players but would give the longtime players with a lot of gold something to spend it on that could offer minor bonuses that would be more significant to a solo slopper than a stacked galleon crew, since they could do all of these things much faster themselves.

Anyway just some shower thoughts, see y’all online!

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