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Signal Fires? An easy way for Rare to add good gameplay.

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I am sorry in advance if this has been posted before. I am currently waiting on a two-crew skeleton throne on an island. I have concluded that sitting on a throne in advance and waiting for another person to show is the best way to advance with the Bilge Rats. I have tried sailing up toward people but I haven't been too lucky as they don't have time to help me. It's a shame that I have to sit here, waiting and hoping for someone to show up. When will that be? Will it take 20 minutes? 3 hours?

If only there was a way for me to… Light a fire and signal people!

Think about it! It's a no-brainer to be honest. How many ships have I not seen sailing past my island?! What if I could create a signalling smoke by lighting a fire at the top of an island.

That way, I could communicate with people from afar. And they to me. Some people might come just to hear me out. Some may come to steal my loot. Some might put two-and-two together and know I need help with the Bilge Rat quests.


Ways it could be implemented:

  1. Players can find a campfire anywhere and set it alight.
  2. Players can make campfires at dedicated locations (at the top) on every island.

A few reasons why signal fires/smoke should/can be implemented:

  1. They sort of have the particles ready. They can copy paste the smoke VFX/particles from the Mermaid's torch and upscale it so it can be seen from afar. If they want.

  2. This gameplay would sit well with how Rare said they are looking for ways for crews/players to team up and cooperate more.

It would have helped players finding people for the MEG, no doubt. It would've helped now 🙂 ** What do you think? Pros/Cons?**

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