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Simple OPEN CREW matchmaking concept

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When you select "Open Crew", you will be greeted with some options


Firstly a tickable option:

Ide like to communicate: Join a crew who wants voice communications.


And then, a final selection:

-Open Ship: Join any crew that have their crew Open.

-Treasure Hunt: Join any open crew who currently have the Hoarder voyage on the table.

-Skeleton Hunt: Join any open crew who currently have the Order of Souls voyage on the table.

-Merchants: Join any open crew who currently have the Merchant Alliance voyage on the table.

-Ship hunting: Join any open crew who has the Grim reaper or Jolly Roger flag on their ship.

(Both flags now have an extra description saying "This flag could attract pirates to join your open crew")



Additional "My Crew" Options

On the open crew settings, if it is an open crew, some additional options will pop out.

(Open Crew) Pirates who join you must be:

(settled with a vote, of course these settings correlate to the Tickable option and is Any Pirate by default)


I know this does not solve language barriers, but I feel like a more specific matchmaking open crew option would make things have a lot more purpose. Currently, people join a ship and just do whatever. If these random people choose what they want to join in on, they will be a lot more helpful to the cause. Especially if the matchmaking matches them correctly. This could make finding a ship take longer, but I think it ends up being worth it and increases the chances of a player cooperating with the ship instead of doing absolutely nothing.

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