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Since We’re Doing Confessions…

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/u/CensedMedal post inspired me to post my own confession.

A few weeks ago, my regular galleon crew and I were out pirating around, slaughtering skeletons, blowing each other up with barrels, the usual. Low and behold, a skull fort pops up! Now, a little detail about my usual crew. We're not BAD, but we're definitely not as good as we think we are, especially on an individual level. Hand up, I've been a little over confident on more than one occasion when it comes to boarding, and spend more time floating in the water than fighting people. Our driver thinks he's Anaken Skywalker on a galleon, when in reality he spends half his time hitting rocks and falling off the ship. Our best player is probably our third guy's cousin, who is the definition of a squeaker, but he puts in way more time than any of us who have school/jobs. Point is, our record with skull forts, especially when there are other ships in the area, is spotty at best.


So we sail up to the fort. We got another galleon there already clearing waves. Me and the squeaker jump off to scout the island and see if they're friendly while the other two continue to circle the area. Well, before I can even hail them the captain spawns. So, we grab two barrels, board the galleon, and detonate them, and start sniping them from their own ship. Our galleon pulls up next to them and starts blasting, ship is sunk in about 20 seconds. Thats when we hear it. The most morose, high pitched wail I've ever heard, which still haunts me.

"Daaaadd!!! They're sinking our ship!!!!!!"

Thats right, we jumped two kids and their dad, just trying to enjoy their evening. I honestly don't think I've ever felt worse. Turning in all the loot definitely took some of the sting out of it, but even hearing the desperation of that father going "ohh no!!" hurts worse than hearing cannon fire when you're on the other side of your ship of Old Faithful . 10/10 would ruin their evening again.

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