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Hello everyone! Over the past few weeks I've found myself and my friends not really enjoying playing the game as I used to. We played so much during the Cursed Sails event, so much as to having to schedule our daily routines around the time of the battles (hahaha), however, maybe because we fought so many skeleton ships (even after all the commendations because it was such a great alternative to the Skull Forts), now we just don't want to ever fight them again, mainly for not wanting to spend half an hour gathering enough supplies for the fights and then getting half the reward. But my main issue with the way skeleton ships are now handled post Cursed Sails is that they provide nothing new, the devs talked a lot about how they were working on them as to introduce them in the world in the best way possible and in a meaningful way. This is not what I've expected at all. They're the same battles from the event, just easier, shorter and with a lesser reward. What's new is the cloud and that's it.


As much as I've seen so far, NO ONE does the skeleton ships battles. The cloud stays there for literally hours, and that's a problem because the Skeleton Ships' Cloud and the Skull Fort's Cloud cannot appear at the same time, so whenever there's a ship cloud in the sky, you can't do any skeleton fort. Either make it so both can appear at the same time, or what I'd very much prefer: remove the ship cloud. Now, I'm not saying remove the skeleton ships, I love them, they are such a great addition to the game. But since the event ended they should work differently, why make time limited events if they are not gonna be any different after they end? The Megalodon changed from its own event, instead of being in a fixed spot on the map (just like Skeleton Ships) now they can attack you at any time in the sea, which even though the frequency of these attacks is way too high, it's a great change that makes the Hungering Deep event unique. I wish Skeleton Ships would work like that, meaning that you are sailing around and suddenly a skeleton ship rises next to your ship, will you flee or fight and take their treasure? Just one ship, no waves. You had to play the event if you wanted the big epic fights, having the fights happen like the megs do now makes the event feel more unique while keeping the experience of the skeleton fights in the game, just like after the Hungering Deep, you can still experience the fight but only those with the scars and tattoos will be able to tell about having fought the very first Megalodon, the Hungering One. This kind of small change make for great stories, if anyone else remembers the devs also went out of their way to explain in a believable way how can we find so many megalodons in the sea now, they gave a lore(?) explanation for it and I love this. It gave the Hungering Deep some sort of conclusion, and ending. Which brings me to my main issue with the Cursed Sails: there's no ending. What't the lore behind the skeleton ships? I mean, there is one, but what about after the event? Why are they still there? All the pirates joined in battle, formed alliances and fought the Hungering One, making it go back to the depths of the sea, although its awakening brought more of its kind in the waters. That's a cool conclusion that gives continuity to the game's "story". There's none of this for the Cursed Sails. The ship cloud is out of place and weird looking, it doesn't fit. There is no in game reason to be there, it feels rushed.

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I really hope the devs are going to change the way we encounter the Skeleton Ships, making them actual encounters instead of the go to the ship cloud to play a demo of the event we have now.

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