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Skeleton Ships Vs Skeleton Forts – Game Design

SOT E3 2016 Desktop 1 1920x1080 1024x576 - Skeleton Ships Vs Skeleton Forts - Game Design

Has anyone noticed that on most servers there is always the skeleton ship cloud up in the sky and rarely a fort skull? Now I am assuming here – but I have never seen the two active at the same time. I saw a comment that the server either displays one or the other – they cant handle both at the same time.

I think this is a problem. Why? Because skeleton ships are hard and a pain the ass, they are too hard for your average random crew, almost impossible for a solo random person and even with good communicating crew – can be tough.

The prep time involved is not fun, it is time consuming and is required if you have any chance at winning. Assuming you get this done and then take the time to sail out to the far ends of the map you have spent about 30 minutes – assuming you don't get attacked or held up on the way.

The Loot – getting the loot is not easy, finding the floating up loot vs trying to fight rising ships is not fun, then assuming you win the final loot really is meh.

The PVP factor for the skeleton ships is pretty rare, I have never or have ever seen a crew sailing out to the ships to fight or find another crew since they became part of the normal game. Maybe because nobody does the ships?


Then lets assume you lose at the skeleton ships, you have to do that prep and sailing shit over again

No thanks, it is just too much time and risk – this is suppose to be fun right??

Now everything wrong with the skeleton crews are fixed with forts. They are closer, require no major prep time (optional for pvp prep), pretty close to things, magnets for PVP, very winnable for a solo player or a crew. Great loot.

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Here is the rub – since the skeletons ships never get done, they never go away and forts don't pop like they use to. Forts I feel for many experience players are the best part of the game. Risk, PVP, strategy, loot.

Solution – Make the skeleton crews like the meg – random encounter "oh shit!!" moments – fight or flight – just one or two skeleton ships needs to pop up and either the players can sail away or choose to fight with a good loot drop.

Open More Forts – activate the rest of them – Give them something new vs the old forts to keep it fresh like new loot.

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