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Skeleton Spawning.

the first 10 minutes of sea of thieves gameplay captured in gq9u 1024x576 - Skeleton Spawning.

Okay, I want to talk just a little bit about the state of skeletons in this game. They're broken. They're OP. They're down right annoying. I'm a pirate legend and level 5 in Athena's fortune so by now I've encountered my fair share of skelies. First off, their spawn rate. It feels like every 10 seconds there's a new wave of skeletons crawling up out of the sand. Even if I'm engaged in an OOS mission, with dozens of already difficult skeletons around me, there's still random island skeletons popping up everywhere. It needs to stop. I'm genuinely concerned every time I step onto an island that I'm going to be met with a landing force of dozens of powder skeletons and snipers. Just cause I've been on an island for more than a minute, doesn't mean I should legitimately fear for my life that a hoard of skeletons will slice me to pieces. The spawn rate should decrease dramatically, for all players. I get maybe because of my higher level it's just the challenge that comes with it. But for heaven's sake (I'm refraining from cursing) please tone it down. Like, a lot. Please. I'd like to enjoy my game, look for chests, collects animals, anything really without looking over my shoulder for skeletons every second of the day. Secondly, powder and sniper skeletons. After the "Explosive Skeletons" event that added them, Rare said their spawn rate would drop. It seems like it hasn't at all. Every time I see a wave spawn, 9/10 times there's a powder skeleton with them. I feel as if I'm forced to carry a pistol everywhere for them. I obviously don't think they should be removed, far from it, just turn down their spawn rate quite a bit. Same for sniper skeletons. Their rate isn't as high, but they can be annoying, maybe bump their knockback down a tad. They shoot you, and you go flying, now you're further away, giving them the advantage. Can't outshoot them, cause they don't miss, can't sword fight them, cause they knock you back. If the knockback, not even damage or spawn, was decreased a little, they'd be tolerable. Thirdly, sword and unarmed skeletons. By themselves, sitting ducks, in groups, practically impossible. This sometimes isn't even an avoidable situation. Often times they group up themselves on accident, and their seemingly perfectly timed swing all coordinate to hit you multiple times within the span of a second. They also seem to, on their own, swing very rapidly. Just today I had an unarmed skeleton dash at me 3 consecutive times without the normal "recharge" period. I'm unsure if it's a glitch or intentional, but it should be fixed in my opinion. They swing just a bit too fast in my opinion once again, and if it is just an effect of my level, then I still believe it should be brought down just a little bit. Sword skeletons for example swing fast, but there seems to be some sort of pattern, like I need to block his attacks to break his defense then sword dash and kill him. However, this isn't exactly possible with 15 skeletons crowding around me at one time. You're forced to just jump and swing randomly in hopes of damaging them little by little or keeping them at a distance. Skeletons to me should not be a daunting and impossible obstacle at each island, something that haunts your every step and spawns in droves every minute. I understand their place in the lore and their importance, but in terms of gameplay, they're just a bit too OP. Skeletons I think should be, at least, a slight nuisance that pesters you every once in a while when gathering treasure. Maybe on larger islands, on a rare occasion, a larger group will spawn. After all, the lore implicates it's the crew of a ship, so shouldn't there only be a set number of bodies on an island? Am I to believe there were 100+ pirates buried here? All of which were cursed? Please, Rare, if you see this, please tone down the skeleton spawn rate. As a long time player, I ask only this of you. For I'm afraid to say, the skeletons legitimately make it hard and infuriating to play sometimes.

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