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So I Got to Teach Last Night

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Last night, I decided I’d hop on, do a sloop, open crew, and see what I got. I’m collecting supplies when my partner gets on the mic. It’s an 11 year old. I sigh internally, knowing that this is gonna be less than ideal. But I hear an adult in the background, and I’m informed that the kid only has a little time before he has to go to bed, then his dad will be taking over.

The kid and I do alright, we encounter nobody, despite seeing 2 sloops and a Galleon Pass by us. We collect a few chests, head to port because he doesn’t want to risk losing 2 Marauder’s and a Captain’s, and he leaves and his dad takes over. The first thing I get is “thanks for not being rude to my kid.” Of course. I know it isn’t ideal for me, but I had no reason to be a jerk. I find out that the dad is also brand new to the game, his wife bought it for his birthday.

We go about our way, hitting ports occasionally and having a decent time. He spent more time getting drunk on grog than not, and he was real impressed with my ability to solve the riddle clues. We get to the fourth island from my GH voyage, and I dig up the chest of sorrow. Great. He’s brand new so I’m interested to see if we survive the trip. He’s real confused as to why the chest is filling the ship up, and tries to put it everywhere to get it to stop, despite me telling him the only way I’ve known it could work is hanging off the side with it. We get to the outpost, sell our goods, and I collect more supplies while he goes and buys stuff.


I see a skull cloud and ask if he’s interested. At this point we’ve been playing for like 6 hours, and haven’t seen another ship in ages. We go to Wanderer’s Refuge to do a riddle on the way to the fort, and near where I need to dig up our chest is a Chest of 1,000 Grogs, just sitting in the grass. First time I’ve seen both cursed chests in one session, I’m super pumped for this. I grab the chest, forgetting the Seafarer Chest that I dig up for the voyage, and we hit Golden Sands.

At the outpost we get hit by the storm. I tell him we’ll wait it out. I go to smoke a cigarette and I hear him frantically bailing rainwater. Internal chuckle ensues as I remember being the same way when I first picked the game up. The storm passes, we bail what’s left of the water, and we head to the fort. Perfect, it’s empty! Just us! He’d never done one, so I was basically the guy. I explained the doorway strategy to him, and he didn’t understand. Despite that, we still finished the fort quickly. I tell him to go check out the situation and see if we’re still alone. He says yes, so I unlock the door and then he says he sees a sloop. We grab the stronghold chest and skull and go back to the boat.

I look around, noticing that the sloop he saw had docked at the outpost. We hurriedly collect our loot and get out of the fort. I misjudged the direction the boat was in, and we pull up to what I thought was the empty outpost. Turns out I was wrong. We pull up next to the sloop and they get into defensive position, but don’t attack. We leave and they don’t chase us. We finally get to plunder outpost and sell everything. I bid him goodnight and we add each other as friends.

Thank you Rare, for a game where opportunities like this are presented. I had a fun time teaching a new player how to play, and he was super pumped about all the GH levels he got boosted from the two cursed chests. It was a great time.

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