Sea of Thieves

So my and My buddy…

Sea of Thieves 4 - So my and My buddy...

Logged on for the first time since meg came out… and well, it was intense. Very intense. Started with undergoing a gilded mission, took a bit. Half way through we ran into a 3 man shippy, they were rather persistent. During the time of dealing with them, TWO Megladons happened upon us, though that turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

Eventually we ran into a ghost ship, which let the 3manner catch back up, but right as they were in firing range, a Ghost ship comes right the @#$% outta no where and what looks to be anchored them? we lol'd as we thought for sure we'd be free this time… sadly a Kraken put a quick stop to our escape, fastforward 10minutes later and another Ghost ship pops up on is gets a lucky shot in on me, and Ill I can hear is OMFG THIS DANCING, in the middle of no where our ship was sunk due to some reaaal annoying green balls. However Buddy was able to get current treasure onto a nearby rock with some juggling, all whilst the 3 man desperately searched whilst dealing with the dancing poopy heads.


4/8 islands done, wasn't sure if we'd finish. I eventually made it back, the 3 man had seemingly called it a night, handed loot in, did other 4 islands with little to no interruptions, server xfer being the scariest moment. Will be back tomorrow night to do buddys Gilded. Very happy how the night went overall, specially since we've been trying to deal with fo76, this was a much welcomed change of pace!

Excited for tomorrow night! will keep in mind to start earlier as to avoid the lack of sleep/work issue tonight has caused lol!

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