Sea of Thieves

So yesterday my post got deleted for “low effort”

Sea of Thieves 9 - So yesterday my post got deleted for “low effort”

Yesterday I made something in photoshop and it was getting tons of upvotes and then a mod comes flags it for “low effort”. Ok I understand in away BUT you see some of the same exact posts that get no upvotes that stay that I would consider to be “low effort” like the “what’s new?” Posts or “what’s this?” Yet they still stay.

I would even consider one of the popular posts complaining about volcanic rocks hitting them “low effort” because number 1 there just whining and doesn’t provide any new insight or info or suggestions into that post and 2. We’ve seen posts like that before. I’m not saying just because I disagree with his opinion that it should be flagged as low effort but just the way the way the post was made/formatted.

I saw a popular post showing the cool lighting made with the new update get taken down as well for” low effort” . Now I get if you see the same screen shots over and over like the telescope glitch but other than that I think people should be allowed to post there creative shots unless with it’s with a phone.


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