Sea of Thieves

So you want a pirate story eh?

SOT E3 2016 Desktop 2 1920x1080 1024x576 - So you want a pirate story eh?

Picture this: We're in a Brig, just starting the night, my GF and my best friend are wanting to switch it up from the normal Athenas nightly. Skelly Fort in the distance? perfect.

We start heading that direction, once we get close enough for a glance in the ol crows nest there a Gally and a Sloopy-Doop parked at the fort. Default skins so we park right near them and just figure we'll bully them with cannons and sink them fast. Short story shorter they sank us but we ain't no punk bi*ch, figure we'll head back and hit them again.

We're about 10 squares away and notice the fort drop. Here we go, going to get into a ship battle with their ship having loot on it. Important note: It put us on an island that had a row boat and we also snagged up 2 powder kegs while we were there. In those 10 squares the 6 guys didn't get the fort unloaded at least they hadn't left the fort yet so about 4 squares out I load a powder keg in the row boat and drop in the water. My friends head towards them in the hope they watch them move to the north side and focus on them. I'm rowing like a sonofarow with that powder keg fully expecting to get blown up out of my boat.

Operation "Hey, look over there!" was fully underway. I'm rowing my heart out towards the galleon, figured I'd sink that with my keg and then we'd figure something out with the sloop. As I'm rowing I'm watching them and wouldn't ya know it? The galleon is firing on the sloop! Double Crossers?! What kinda alliance am I dealing with here?! Skallywags?


I hear the guys say while I'm climbing on their boat with my party favor "Hurry up, the brig is going to be here in about 5 minutes" I guess he didn't know I'm like Jimmy john's. I announce as I run downstairs "Hey guys, sorry we're late" as I light the fuse and run to the back to wait out the fireworks.

BOOM – CRASH – "Ouch I died" "Me too! Powder keg on our boat!" I head downstairs and wait for repairers. Cut to 30 seconds their boat goes down. I head to the island and clean up the 2 guys left alive running around with my skullfort islands.

We load up our borrowed row boat (thankfully it was mostly loaded {Thanks guys!}) and head to an outpost to turn in our no so well deserved skull fort loot. They must have spawned close because they're already on our butt, just out of shouting distance. We cut next to the fort, point our boat and I drop the rowboat full of treasure also our crew chillin.

We row far away keeping the island between their ship and ours (Green glow anyone?) and we successfully turned everything in. To the galleon thanks, I appreciate you turning on the sloop. With both of you alive it would have been much harder, you helped a ton by killing their boat while I sank yours.

TL;DR – Blew up a gally with a powder keg and a rowboat using distraction like ninja. Also using deception turned in all the loot from a skull fort while I watched them chase our empty boat across the seas.

This was one of the most fun fights we've done, mostly because it's hilarious, and I've played this game a LOT of hours.

Thanks Rare, helluva game.


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