Sea of Thieves

Some Advice and Tips for New Players

Sea of Thieves 6 - Some Advice and Tips for New Players

I always see new players repeating the same mistakes so I figured I'd address some of them in the hopes that it helps someone out.

  1. The anchor is great for stopping your boat, but leaving it down is a death trap. If another ship sneaks up on you and your anchor is down it is basically game over at that point because you won't be able to turn or escape. By the time they can shoot you with their cannons they will just keep knocking you off, leaving you unable to raise it. When you leave your ship anchored with the sails lowered it is basically a giant sign that says "sink me" visible to any ship on the horizon. It is a great tool for stopping your forward momentum but you should raise your sails and anchor immediately in most cases, your boat will not move as long as all the sails are up.

  2. The seas are dangerous and unpredictable, so stock up on supplies early and often. When you spawn in on a fresh boat it is worth taking the time to strip the outpost of supplies, and floating barrels are worth stopping at whenever they're in your path. You can also get a lot of supplies on the islands you stop at if you keep an eye out for them and remember to empty your inventory frequently.

  3. Never randomly take off with the boat, drop the anchor, or lower the sails if you don't know what your team is doing. There is nothing more frustrating in this game than being in a crew with someone who interferes with your goals. If I'm on an island working on a voyage and a new player spawns in and immediately takes off to some unknown destination, I'm liable to just leave the server instead of deal with that. People who randomly drop the sails or anchor as you're trying to slow down approaching an island are also really annoying. It's easier to solo a ship than sail with someone who is unintentionally sabotaging you.

  4. Communication is essential. If you don't want to use voice chat for whatever reason, that's fine, but at least use the chat wheel to communicate if you're on xbox. If you're on PC you have no excuse because you can type. I will happily sail with someone new as long as they are willing to communicate and learn. If you communicate, you are already better than 90% of the people you will encounter on an open crew.

  5. Sell your loot frequently, especially if you are not confident in your abilities. If you get sunk with 40 chests on board that is no ones fault but your own. The seas are unpredictable, you are never fully safe from other player ships ambushing you. The meg, kraken, and skeleton ships can strike at any time.

  6. If you leave the meg alone it will most likely leave you alone. Shoot it once and it might start attacking.

  7. Don't worry about finishing voyages. Just go for islands with a lot of chests or skeleton captains, and only do merchant missions with a lot of gold animals if you can. It is worth cycling for good voyages instead of ones with a lot of sailing around for little loot.

  8. Sea of Thieves is a PvP game, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Never assume other ships are friendly, even if they are approaching you with the offer alliance flag or already allied with you. If you have loot and your allies come over to your ship don't let your guard down. While one is drinking with you and playing music, the other might be sneaking under you with a gunpowder barrel. They could always just double-gun you as well without a second to prepare. Always be prepared for a fight.

  9. Your allies are nervous of you too. Never try to go onto someone's ship without permission if you don't want to get shot. Alliances can crumble when someone is acting shady, even if they don't actually have bad intentions.

  10. You will get sunk. You will get betrayed. This is the nature of Sea of Thieves. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. If you make a post on reddit complaining about it being unfair people will just tell you to get good. Even if your opponent knows you have no loot, it is not "wrong" of them to sink you. If you get sunk, ask yourself if there was anything you could have done better instead of getting mad. If you are getting spawn camped on your boat you can scuttle it, and if you are getting sunk multiple times by an aggressive crew you can easily change server if you don't want to fight them anymore.

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