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Some Games to Play with Your Shipmates, and other crews!

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Requires: Flintlocks, 2 Powder Kegs

Stand back to back with your compasses out and count 10 paces. Mark those spots with a bullet hole and drop a powder keg at both. Face away from each other and either have a third person call out "8, 9, 10!" or if it's just two of you look at your watch and go on the hour. Make sure you stand behind the kegs so you can actually shoot them, since you can't shoot through each other.

Extreme Variation for 2 crews: anchor about 50 yards away from each others ships, angle your cannons straight up and towards each other, then get in. Have someone else count down "3, 2, 1" and launch. Whoever can land a hit on the other person is a pirate god, whether it results in death or not.

Grog racing


Requires: Grog Barrel, 1 Powder Keg

Set a powder keg a hundred or so yards away from your starting point (either the tavern, your ship, or a Chest of 1000 Grogs) with some natural obstacles between them. At "ready, go!" everyone starts by drinking 4 Grogs in a row, then grabbing a 5th to top off later. As soon as you grab your 5th try to make your way to the powder keg. When you start becoming sober down your backup grog. First to blow up the keg wins!

Extreme(ly fun) Variation for Multiple Crews: Do the same thing, only the powder keg is on another island. The entire crew keeps drinking the whole time your sailing.

Fort Battles


Requires: 6+ Powder kegs

Place the kegs in strategic, but visible locations scattered around 2 opposite halves of a fort or any medium sized island you choose (make sure there are Ammo crates near by for each side, or one central one you can both use). Battle it out to see who can set off all the opposing teams kegs first!

Hide and Seek


Pick a large island like Shark Bait Cove or Smugglers Bay and play classic 1 seeker vs. many hiders, or my favorite, 1 hider vs. many seekers. When a seeker finds the hider, they hide there as well. You can no longer speak when you hide (or you can all start in a party chat then move to game chat when you hide). Eventually you're walking around all by yourself calling out "guys? Guys? Ah, crap, I'm the last one aren't I?"

Target Practice


Go to Galleon's Grave, Crooked Masts, or anywhere else with a high peak near the water. Take turns lunging towards a boat moored off shore and see who can land in the crows nest first. (anchor on the inside of the merchant dock at Galleon's Grave to reach your boat from the pinnacle!)


You can also play Target Practice with any X marks the spot maps. Fire yourselves out of the cannon towards the X. The second person to take the cannon should be a good sport and blindly reset the cannon position to give the first player a fair chance. Whoever's closer wins.

Cannonball, Plank, Banana


Rock, Paper, Scissors, but with the items in your inventory. Plank fixes cannonball hole, cannonball squashes banana, banana rots plank.

Capture the Flag


Requires: 2 Separate Crews, 1 Castaway or Seafarers Chest, 1 Marauder's Chest. (one distinct chest for each team. No Captain's because it unfairly shines)

Pick a symmetrical island like Snake Island, Smugglers Bay, or even slightly asymmetrical like Mermaid's. Place a chest at either end as each team's "flag" and moor your ships on opposite sides for respawn points. Either play to where if someone grabs their own team's flag, they are immune to take it back to base, or play hardcore and leave them where they lie. Each team is in their own party chat. Use cannons on your boat to signal a capture.

Capture the Loot


Variation of CtF, where each team tries to "capture" multiple "flags" before the game is over.



Requires: 2 separate crews with like boats, 5 planks for each team, a butt load of cannonballs

Go to any fort and have each ship circle the fort at a (roughly) designated distance away from it. One member from each team goes to the island and can use whichever cannons they choose (you may have to "fight" over any one, but you can't kill each other! If you do you must take a 30 second penalty on the Ferry.) your team on the ship must decide which holes to patch up and which to leave with their 5 planks. There can only be one person on repairs and bailing, and one steering the boat. If it's a sloop battle, it's only one person for all three tasks! The first ship to sink loses.

American Football


Requires: 2 Separate Crews, Any Skull as a "ball", Blunderbusses and Swords

Go to Dagger Tooth and set up on the beach. Each end of the beach is an end zone. 2 Downs per team. "Hike" the "ball", then try to "tackle" the guy with the "ball" using your weapons. Once the ball carrier is killed that's a Down.

NOTE: Any island mentioned can be substituted for an outpost or fort to avoid skellies, as long as the terrain doesn't interfere too badly with the game at hand.

What do you think? Sound fun? Do you have any more to add to the list? Lemme know!

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