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Some people need to get off their high-horse with this Pirate Legend thing…

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Joined a looking for group post who was looking for an experienced player as advertised. They asked how long I’ve been playing the game and I told them since one of the very first Alpha Tests and every test since and said that I’d be able to handle any task they give me. All three were Pirate Legends excluding me(almost there) and were braggin how they were Pirate Legend and were saying that they were better at the game than anyone due to that status.

At first they didn’t believe me so I showed them my “Brave Vanguard” Title And “Founder“ sails. After that I showed them that I was telling the truth and wanted to help they got really salty saying “I’m Pirate Legend and you’re not so you can’t handle this Athena Voyage.” I guess they got butt-hurt and felt their ego was bruised.

Naturally, I was removed from the party and they brigged me. Coincidentally enough, they left 3 gunpowder barrels near the brig for whatever reason so I shot them and killed all of us in the process and their ship sunk before they even had a chance to repair.


Look guys, I get it. You grounded all the way to Pirate Legend. Congratulations. But you need to stop expecting people to bow down to you as if you were a god and get off your high-horse. As a Pirate Legend, you are seen as a leader of sorts and you’re supposed to be something players look up to.

I’m not saying to not be a Pirate and have fun. It’s ok to be a giant bi*ch, but you don’t have to be a giant bi*ch about it.


Usually I don’t game with Kids very often because they can be immature and cause a lot of problems when traveling the seas. But I’ve been playing in a lot of LFG posts and some of them have the nicest, well-behaved Kids I’ve met in recent years of gaming. Give them a chance too. It might surprise you.

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