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Some sessions just plain suck.

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Tonight I was solo slooping for an hour and a half or so. First voyage went fine, quick merchant mission done. Then I started a gold hoarders, third island I got sent to was wanderers refuge. There were galleons either side of the island within threatening but not close distance so I had to circle around for ages until it was safe. Finally got my chest (castaway, of course) and a barrel of gp aboard. I had two other chests, which I had tried to put near the quest voyage table except they glitched under it and became unselectable. Great. Head to the outpost thinking ill just scuttle her and they'll float out. One of the galleons from before is there, so I hover for a bit til they go. Pull in, jump off with my solitary castaway, and two from the galleon had waited to ambush me. Badly, because I still sold the chest. Then I got shot. Spawned back in to a sinking sloop (courtesy of the gp) and these two talking about "can't believe that's all he had" whilst both standing pointing at spawn points, so I instantly died again. And the id*ots hadn't even seen the other chests.


I'm not complaining, just venting because tonight sucked. Everyone keeps going on about the great community and players they meet, so far it's just been toxic trolls and spawn campers for me. =(

EDIT: what happened in last night's session was totally fair, and I haven't got any qualms with it. Just felt frustrated that my hour and a half was thoroughly unenjoyable. I'll learn from it though!

The comment about toxic trolls was because of some particularly nasty and persistent abuse a previous time. However, the majority of the responses in this thread have been wonderfully positive so cheers to all for restoring the faith.

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