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Some tips to avoid getting griefed as a solo player…

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Griefing: Players deliberately hindering the progress of another player despite it not serving an in-game benefit to themselves.

So, first off, it's the internet. You can complain to the community all you want about how griefing is bad and how we should "take a stand" but it doesn't matter. It's the internet and people aren't nice. If you're playing solo, you're going to get griefed at some point. End of story.

Now…This game is very forgiving to server-hopping. There are three main drawbacks to server-hopping:

  1. You lose any active missions.
  2. You lose any treasure you haven't yet turned in.
  3. You lose any supplies you spent time running back and forth to the ship.

Now, this is as a solo player:

To address #1, when you start a mission, do each section in order of value. Start with the highest yield, then work your way to the lowest yield. This way, if something happens and you have to abandon it, you've (hopefully) already done the best parts. But that's not always the case. The bottom line, here, is to understand that missions are literally infinitely available. There will probably be times where you get a great treasure map and you're unable to do it. That's life. Don't get too attached to any one mission. There are literally infinite chances to get another one…and even a better one.

Step 2: As a solo player, you have to turn in often. That's it. Sorry about your efficiency, but if you're by yourself, you just aren't going to be able to sit on big piles of loot all the time unless you really know what you're doing. Turn in often.

To go with this, learn how to jump out with a piece of loot while your ship keeps sailing past at full speed. I can't tell you how often I am forced to this when being chased. Just point your ship in a safe direction that takes you close to the dock/land, grab your most valuable item, and jump off. Go sell it, grab some supplies, and mermaid back. Do this if you're getting chased, do this if your path happens to simply take you near an outpost. There's no drawback. Which brings me to my next point:

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Step 3: Don't spend an hour at the outpost running supplies back and forth. Run full supplies back and forth until you've gotten all the cannonballs that are in easy range of the dock, then get going. Whenever you pass an island or floating barrels, empty your supply inventory, jump out, stock up, and mermaid back. This effectively allows you to resupply without taking any extra time to do so. Literally any time you go ashore, pass an island, or pass floating barrels, jump out (or cannon yourself over), stock up, and mermaid back. Lastly, sunken ships are an absolute goldmine for supplies. Every time you dive to one, your supply inventory should be empty.

So, now, you've minimized the effective loss of #1 and #2, and you've all but eliminated the cost of #3. This should drastically reduce the inconvenience of having to server-hop.

But lastly, the best way to avoid getting griefed is to learn how to lose a galleon in a sloop. The sloop is laughably faster and more maneuverable than the galleon. There are many tactics you can use for this, and I'm not going to go into all of them, but I'll give you one simple, very effective technique that works almost every time.

  1. Sail with the wind, full speed.

  2. Wait till the galleon is 3-sails to the wind and up to full speed. You'll know because they'll start quickly gaining on you.

  3. Turn your wheel all the way in one direction.

  4. Raise your sail.

  5. Wait till you've turned completely around, 180 degrees, so you are now sailing straight into the wind.

  6. Straighten your wheel, drop your sail.

  7. Repair any holes they may have put in your ship while you passed one another.

I can guarantee you that the vast majority of crews in this game will not be able to effectively counter that maneuver and be able to keep up with you sailing into the wind. The sloop vastly outperforms the galleon into the wind. They'll take a slooooow, wiiiiiide turn, not know what to do with their sails, and you'll create a huge amount of separation. Most crews will give up at that point. If they don't, then they're probably griefers who will chase you to the ends of the map for no reason. Make a few passes by outposts and drop off a chest at a time until you're okay with server-hopping.

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In my personal experience, I find that better, more experienced galleon crews tend to give up after a good maneuver like that. They'll assume that you know what you're doing and veteran players understand that a sloop can drastically outperform a galleon when crewed correctly.

Hope this helps.

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