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Seeing Forsaken Shores is coming in the next few days, I thought it would be a good time to post some basic FAQs and Tips. Hopefully, it will answer the majority of questions from noobs and returning players alike. Feel free to post below and I’ll add it to the list.

I'm just coming back after a time away, what’s new?

Hungering Deep added the megalodon, She’ll Randomly attack your ship like the Kraken. It also added a speaking trumpet and a drum. Cursed Sails added Skellies ships, they are like skellies forts but on ships. You fight waves of ships, before getting to the captain’s ship. All ships drop loot, but the captain drops the best stuff. They also added the Brig (3 man ship), and cursed cannonballs. Green cannon balls effect players and skellies, Purple effects ships. They also changed the way barrels and inventory works.Both stories can still be completed.

What/when is the next content patch going live?

Cursed Sails is due out on Sep 27th. It will add a new zone “Devils Roar”, rowboats, new merchant missions, and seapost. After that, we just know they’ve planed 3 more content patches in 2018.

I got a message about “Ships coming to plunder the new worlds.”

You got migrated to a new server. That is all there is to it.

I’m looking for others to play with. How do I find others to crew with?


Your best bet is to use the Reddit community discord. Players are always looking for more crew. Yes, you will need a mic and there is an app for it if you play on xbox.

I’m stuck on a riddle step, can’t find an island or an animal? / Is there a map?

There are several online maps/resources to help.

Where can I find what goods are sold at each outpost? and click on the doubloon on the left side.

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What are the Bilge Rat Adventures?

They are weekly/bi-weekly events that require you complete specific commendations. Completing them rewards you with doubloons that can be used to buy time-limited items from the guy in the tavern. Doubloons carry over from event to event.

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