Sea of Thieves

SoT is our relaxation time – Or UWO Part II.

sea of thieves combat mechanics news hour long gameplay shows game of adaptation - SoT is our relaxation time - Or UWO Part II.

SoT is our (SO and myself) new thing to do to relax.

I don't know if it's just our luck or what, but we've had one cannonball fired at our ship in the last month-ish, and that was on accident by a crew member who didn't realize their crew had made friends. We also give exactly zero shits about anything, and sail straight to all destinations, wind cooperating. After we sunk Meg, we've since helped three or four more crews get her. If you ever see our shark-encrusted sloop in game, cannons pointing skyward, we will help you with whatever you need. 🙂

This game and the method of playing I've been enjoying very strongly remind me of Uncharted Waters Online. UWO is another game I just found endlessly relaxing, to the point where even when bad things happen it just feels like twists to make my relaxation time more interesting.


Your brain conditions you to be wary, but this is a game, and for every chest you lose, you'll find 6 more random ones (roughly). I used to look out for other ships coming to take my crap, now I just look out so I can say hi when I see them, maybe give them a chest or something. We once chased down a (very scared) galleon to give them all the supplies on our ship before we left the game.

Oh, and Rare packed all of the personality ever into this game. Your instruments make noises if you jump with them, and dropping a chest on the metal grate makes a loud clang. Just little things most games miss… the flash of green at sunset, the sparks when you douse a treasure skeleton in water and their rusting parts grate together. I'm always looking forward for something new I never noticed before.

Looking forward to enjoying the Sea with you!

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