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SoT Really Needs to Embrace PvP

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I know many of you hate PvP but hear me out. For better or worse it is clear that other players are meant to be the source of most of the excitement we experience in this game. If it weren’t for PvP all there would be to do would be fight the same enemies repeatedly while easily completing the same quests over and over again. How long until that would get old? You may not like when you lose a bunch of treasure, but isn’t the risk what makes it fun in the first place? That said, here are some ideas that I think could add a lot to this game and give both PvP and PvE players much more fun.

1.) Create a way for ships to communicate with all others on the server. This would open the door for everything from making alliances more useful, to finding other players that want to do the same things.


2.) Add/edit factions so that they offer missions to appeal to different types of players. For example, for PvE players add a quest type that requires a crew to transport a bunch of loot, all while being forced to appear on the map like the reapers flag. This would make an obvious target for any PvPer’s on the hunt. (maybe even a quest/faction dedicated to this).

3.) To make #2 interesting and fair add a faction/quest that allows players taking on such a voyage to recruit one or two other ships to serve as caravan guards. This would give ‘nice’ PvP players a whole new activity. Also, to prevent betrayals the guard’s mission success would rely entirely on ensuring that the cargo gets delivered.

4.) allow players or alliances to occupy empty skelly forts and hold them from other crews. While the fort is occupied other players would have to option of taking the fort before a timer ran out. Basically king of the hill to make it simple.

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Just some brief thoughts, what do you guys think?

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