Sea of Thieves

SOT Trek 2 “the search for sails”

the first 10 minutes of sea of thieves gameplay captured in gq9u 1024x576 - SOT Trek 2 "the search for sails"

So there I was….

Helping my second mate to get the cursed sails mission done on his 5th day at sea, when a brigatine and sloop where parked at crescent isle.

I immediatley fired onto the sloop and took it on a tour of the rocks , stopping to shot the captain with my pistol.

Meanwhile my second mate was talking to salty leavign our boat unattended.

I return to the"cutty shark" to find a member of the brig crew aboard, puting out my blunderbluss I launced him off my ship and sailed away and full pelt to wanders refuge, thus began the chase….

The brigantine and sloop chased us for about an hour for wanders refuge to golden sands , from golden sands to plunder outpost and finally to ancient isle where we stopped for the second set of sails.

My second mate jumped overboard with our loot and went to buy the sails, I stayed on board and turned my sloop to be broadside with the incomming sloop and began to light him up.


I saw him jump overboard and the brigantine was inbound so I set my wheel north , dropped the sails and jumped overboard to help my second mate with the sloop crew.

I killed the sloop captain and grabbed a maid back to the boat, my second mate then decided he needed a break so I was alone being chased by a brigatine.

They caught me as I turned towards dagger tooth and came along broadside, this is when disater struck…. for them

I manned the cannon and proceeded to aim at the crew, I killed both the enemys our their cannons my cannon fire and jumped onto the brigatine shotting the last guy, and then reloading, my sloop sailing off alone with one top deck hole.

As the crew respawned I killed them one by one in the water and returned to my boat.

The morale of the story, don't hunt legendary pirates , some of us got here by pvp!!!

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