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#SoTCutthroats – The Endless Voyage 3

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The Cutthroat Pirates are holding their Endless Voyage 3 event this weekend. It is a treasure hoarding marathon full of fun times and great friendships. Tune in to our streams to follow along and be part of our legacy!

Our old record of 1006 items is being shattered right now! How many items will we get this time!!

Twitch Streams:

Mixer Streams:

Endless Voyage 1

Endless Voyage 2


The Cutthroats are a discord community committed to providing a superior experience to all our members. We participate in internal and community events. Sea of Thieves is our passion and we put our hearts into this great Cutthroat family.

Check out what we are all about in our forum post below!


3rd Place in the Grand Odyssey –

1st Place in the Calavera Cup –

Both events were featured in the Pirate Times from the developers!!

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