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Spawned in a solo sloop, 15 minutes later turned in a Stronghold chest [Story]

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Sorry no pics/vid; I am running the game on a relative potato and don't have background recording enabled.

Three nights ago I spawned in a solo sloop, planning to do some low-risk voyaging and unwind after a long day. I picked up a couple of Gold Hoarders voyages and set sail to the south.

As I'm pulling away from the outpost I see a massive skull cloud in the sky just behind it: there is a skull fort raid happening only one island north from where I am. So I'm like whatever, fu*k it, and pull a U-turn. I'm thinking, maybe it will be unoccupied.

Of course, there is a galleon already parked there. It's night time, and the seas are stormy. We weren't in the "storm" proper, if you know what I mean, but visibility was quite low. Large jagged rock formations are strewn along the approach. I slow down a decent distance away and scope things out with my telescope; I can see that there is a crew of 3-4 moving around on the island. Just then, I get a bit of inspiration…

I quickly bring the sloop in closer and park it behind a medium-sized rock. It is about 75% concealed but I am within swimming distance to the galleon and relying on the storm cover to stay unnoticed. I jump off the deck and start my underwater approach. I try to come up for air as little as possible, poking my head up and getting gradually closer to my target.

I love the game for the atmosphere during bits like this: the huge waves obscuring my view, the rain and lightning, creating the impression of being very small and vulnerable, out at sea and at the mercy of nature (not to mention totally on edge at the possibility of a shark attack).


I cautiously swim to the surface next to the galleon's ladder that faces away from the fortress. I listen for a minute and hear movement on the deck and a splash. I say my prayers and quickly climb up. Nobody on the deck. I slip into the captain's quarters. The only thing inside is… the Stronghold chest. Oh shit! They had dropped it off probably only seconds before I climbed up. I hear someone else climbing up a ladder and I panic, grab the chest and scramble out through the captain's side door, run to the end of the balcony and dive into the water, hoping nobody saw me.

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At this point, day is breaking and the storm has subsided. Visibility is returning. I hold my breath swimming until I'm about to die of suffocation, praying that there are no sharks around. I'm SURE I'll get shot at any second. I'm worried somebody seen my ship. I surface only once for a split second before diving making it the rest of the way to my ship, which right where I left it. I take a look back, and the galleon still has not moved; they seem to have no idea what happened.

It isn't till I set sail out from behind the rock that I see them drop sails, and angle to chase. We are sailing with the wind and they gain on me… but they're too late. I crash my sloop into the outpost beach and jump down from the prow, chest in hand, make it to the tent safely and sell it. Less than a minute later the galleon arrives to find me dancing on my deck as they take volleys at me and sink my ship.

The fact that my impromptu plan not only succeeded, but played out in such a cinematic and satisfying way is why I love this game. I haven't had a multiplayer experience like that anywhere else.

tl;dr: pirated some fools

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