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Special Ship Abilities

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After I read the new Forsaken Shores lore page and read about the figurehead "Shroud Breaker" which helped navigate through the Devil's shroud, it gave me some ideas for special abilities that could be equipped on ships to mix up/freshen up ship combat. Below are some of my ideas!

Background: There would be a variety of abilities, but you can only have one equipped at a time and you can only change your ship's ability at outposts. The abilities would have cooldowns. Most importantly, every ability would be free to all players and would be included in ship customizations upon starting the game.

All cooldown times and use times are just quick estimates on what might be balanced.

Harpoon: This could be an interesting way for Rare to introduce harpoons which have been discussed a lot. The harpoon would be fired from any cannon on your ship but only one can be fired every 5-7 minutes or so. If your harpoon hits an enemy ship you ship would become attached to the enemy ship for 30-45 seconds and would make the cannon you fired the harpoon from unusable while the harpoon is attached.

Blessing of the Wind Gods: The speed boost would simply increase the effectiveness of your sails, meaning if you were racing another ship, for example, and both ships had their sails angled the same way, the ship using the speed boost would be faster. This ability would last 25-30 seconds, have a cooldown of 4-6 minutes. However, this boost would only be as effective as the crew on the ship. If the sails are incorrectly and another ship of the same type had their sails completely in the wind they could still out run you.


Grapeshot Cannon: Grapeshot would turn your cannons into more of a shotgun that shoots a spread of smaller pellets. The grapeshot would be effective at damaging enemy players who may be hiding below deck repairing holes in their ship. The grapeshot would penetrate through the hull of enemy ships doing no damage to the ships hull but dealing significant damage to players inside the ship. (Yes its a little unrealistic). Only one cannon on your ship could be turned into a grapeshot. You would get 3 grapeshot shots, the reload speed would be 1.5 times longer than a normal cannon ball and a cooldown of 6-7 minutes.

Anchor Lock: Anchor lock would prevent enemy players from using your anchor, but would still be able to be raised and lowered by crew members of the ship. This would be useful for preventing potential boarders from dropping your anchor as you are chasing an enemy ship. Lock would last for 40-50 seconds and would have a 5-6 minute cooldown.

Cloak of the Sea: Using mystical powers from the Sea of Thieves, the Cloak of the Sea will make your ship disappear from view for all ships except those within a close radius. The Cloak creates a ring around your ship that prevents any ship outside the ring from seeing your vessel. The Cloak would last for 20 seconds and would have a cooldown of 7-9 minutes. The Cloak would be effective at giving you an extra few seconds to gain some ground on enemy ships who might be chasing you, or ambushing an enemy ship.

I know unfortunately that these will probably never get added, but it is fun to brainstorm some new and unique ideas for ship combat. Let me know what you think and if you have anymore ideas for abilities.

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