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[Speculation] What to expect for the next few weeks of the Cursed Sails

the first 10 minutes of sea of thieves gameplay captured in gq9u 1024x576 - [Speculation] What to expect for the next few weeks of the Cursed Sails

This week we got the campaign along with 3 different skeleton crews to fight. In the Wilds, we had Shadow skeletons with cursed cannonballs that made you dance in place. For the Ancient Isles, we had Bone skeletons that made you drunk, and for the Shores O' Plenty, we had Plant skeletons that locked up the helm. We can see the types of skeleton in the commendation badge, and at the top, there is a very small image of the cursed cannonball. The title of the commendation also hints at what it is.

For next week:

Destroyer of The Siren's Gale
And the last fight, "…the Siren's Gale" was also found in Wanda's shop. It is a picture of the mast of a ship, sail and crow's nest visible. It is also the unidentified skeleton, but likely golden ones. I don't know exactly what it will do, but we know it will be sail related. Whether it will raise sails, lower sails, lock them, give full wind, give no wind, we don't know.



We don't know if there will be anything else, but it would be nice to get more of the campaign. It ended somewhat abruptly, except for us finding out what happened to Wanda and Salty. Maybe there will be more, maybe we will help fix Salty and Save/Kill Wanda/the Warsmith. Probably not the best to get our hopes up, though.

EDIT: Changed the link's to include the Commendation badge's title/name.

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