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(SPOILER) Solo Sloop Strategy for Skeleton Ships

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By now a lot of people have had their time to test their mettle against the fearsome undead crews of skeletons but for those of you who have not yet, I thought I would share some information with you that I was fortunate enough to figure out last night.

Even if you have spent some time on the seas in a sloop or one of the other two tubs available this strategy may still work with some minor tweaking.

The key for me was the gunpowder barrels. So here we go!

You will want to gather as many barrels as you can from any skeleton forts that you will be sailing by during your trip towards the encounter area. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 to 12 should be a healthy start. Obviously this may require multiple stops, but being prepared is half the battle.

It may not need to be mentioned but I will anyways. Be sure you are stocking your ship with every trip to shore. When I set out I had roughly 100 cannonballs, 75 planks and 75 bananas. With this method you will be going through bananas and planks more often than cannonballs. If you have to stock one more than the other, go for planks. There are usually some supplies aboard the skeleton ships but with this strategy you will only want to be aboard the skeleton ship for a brief time.

When you arrive to the encounter area and one of the ships breeches the water to begin it's attack do your best to hold fire momentarily. On a sloop if you can get your ship close enough you will be under the cannons of the skeleton crew.

Skeleton ships will usually match your ship in direction and speed unless something like an obstacle or another player ship enters the area, so use this for your advantage.

Go to your helm and crank it all the way in a safe direction either left (port side) or right (starboard side) so that your ship is sailing in circles. This may get changed a bit over the coarse of time during the next step from either ramming or rubbing against the skeleton ship but as long as the direction is free of obstacles like islands, rocks, or shallow waters, you should be okay.

Taking one of your explosive barrels from your crows nest (it is always best to store these in the crows nest because if something should happen the explosion is far enough that it won't put holes in your hull) wait for a moment when the skeleton ship is near and run as far below deck as you can.

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You can light it one of two ways, by pressing the activate key/button to light the fuse, or put it a safe distance away from you and fire your weapon at it.

If you do happen to light it know that the explosion will still kill you if you are on the deck above it so keep that in mind if you are using the fuse.


Once it has exploded defend the holes that it has made from the skeletons that are attempting to patch. They work slow so do not be alarmed if they do start to hammer any planks in place, just do your best to knock them around until they are dead.

At this point their hull should be filling with water pretty rapidly and you can either snag a piece of loot from the decks of their ship or scramble back to yours.

Once you are above deck try and get a bead on your ship so that you are not swimming any further than needed. Being that your ship is sailing in circles it should be nearby for you to either intercept or jump back on to. Assess any damage that occurred during your short time away and do your best to keep those holes plugged.

Don't ever leave your ship if there is ever more than one hole in the hull. If you do happen to leave while there is one hole on your ship make your time away brief. One hole should not be enough to sink you as long as you are quick about getting the barrel down into the bowels of the skeleton ship.

Do all of this within a short amount of time and rinse and repeat until the ship you have chosen to target has sunk.

Your ship, like always, is your base of operations, so do everything you can to make it as safe as possible while you are away. Common sense goes a long ways here. If you need to put some distance between you and the ships do so. I found a tactical anchor drop with a quick change of direction was best in this situation.

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It doesn't always go perfect, do your best and adjust along the way, but the method is sound as long as you are getting those barrels below deck.

If any other ships happen to enter the area be sure to throw up your alliance flag which you can do by going into the crows nest and getting into the flag box mounted on the side of the mast and scrolling to the right. There is a strength in numbers and know this pirate… any betrayal or good deed will be met with reciprocating action in most cases. So after the smoke has cleared, think twice about double crossing your brothers and sisters in arms.

Once you have sunk enough ships a final ship will breech the briny surface for you to make your last attack against that will have a captain (named skeleton) at the helm. This strategy will still work on the captains ship like it did on the others. Sink his ship and you have quelled your undead enemy.

If you have any questions or any of this doesn't quite make sense just leave a comment below. I am pretty responsive.

May Athena's Fortune smile upon ye!

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