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State of the Subreddit: Rules and changes

the first 10 minutes of sea of thieves gameplay captured in gq9u 1024x576 - State of the Subreddit: Rules and changes

Hey guys, I am Cabskee, new Head Mod. There has been a fair bit of movement & turmoil in the mod team as of late but it is high time this sub gets back on its feet in terms of operations and gets a well-needed facelift. In this post I’ll be going over a few cleanup items, as well as going over some changes you’ll be seeing soon.


Our rules were adequate when we had a sub of 10k – 30k, but we are reaching 120k with no signs of stopping and our rules are reaching a breaking point where they are just too open to interpretation to be much help. Below you can find the new rules for our sub:

All posts must be related to Sea of Thieves

All posts must be related to Sea of Thieves in some way. Unrelated posts that have no connection to either Sea of Thieves or the subreddit will be removed. This includes screenshots or videos of unrelated media or content, including suggestion posts, and attempting to make it relevant through the title or text.

Do not derail threads with off-topic discussion or spam

Do not derail threads with off-topic memes, controversy, or spam. Maintaining a healthy discussion is important but intentionally trying to steer the course of a thread away from the original discussion or spamming a thread is not allowed.

No distribution of NDA or Insider content

Any and all content protected by a legal non-disclosure agreement is prohibited from being posted anywhere on the sub, public or private.

Do not abuse other participants

Any posts or comments harassing or abusing other users will be removed. This includes witch hunting (posting the in-game username of any user).

Low effort content may be removed

Posts or comments that do not promote discussion and are lacking in effort may be removed. This includes screenshots taken from a phone and screenshots of extremely basic gameplay content (Clothing).

No promoting or sharing hacks, cheats or pirated material

Posts or comments that link, share, or ask for pirated material, hacks, or cheats will be removed. We do not condone piracy or unfair play.

Clear all Giveaways & Contests with Moderators before posting

All giveaways and contents must be cleared with the Moderators before they are posted.

Keep self-promotion reasonable

No excessive self-promotion of videos or screenshots. A widely used rule of thumb is the 9:1 ratio, that only 1 out of every 10 of your submissions should be of your own content.

Follow rediquette

All posts and comments should follow and comply with Reddit’s rules of rediquette.

Biggest takeaways and changes

  • One of the biggest changes from these rules is that from now on there is a much more strict enforcement that all content is specifically related to the game of Sea of Thieves. We are not a subreddit dedicated to all things pirate, that’s what Pirates is for.
  • All suggestions posts must now be text posts. Links/Photos/Videos posts that are suggestions will be removed. The reasoning behind this one is that at any point, we have several suggestion posts on the frontpage and nearly every suggestion post contains an image/video that is not related to Sea of Thieves. This makes it look like our frontpage (Top/Rising/etc.) have nothing to do with the game our sub is dedicated to! Text posts will also make users write a little blurb about why it would be a good addition/change to the game, as well as include any links/photos/videos there to what it could look like.
  • Discussing and distributing media containing datamined content is now allowed. What is important to note is that any content that is under an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) WILL BE REMOVED, regardless of if it is datamined or not.

User & Post Flairs

Flairs are something I see posted about a lot, both user and post flairs. I’ve done some modifications to our CSS and made flairs a little nicer to the eye, and have enabled them for the sub. User flairs, for now, will be completely customizable. I would love to eventually move to a system where you can enter your GamerTag and in-game stats and have it display some nice info about you, but for now we’ll see how the user flairs go.


Post flairs will NOT be customizable to start. There will be a set few to choose from, with more added, removed or changed as we go. For now the post flairs we will have are:

  • Discussion
  • Screenshot
  • Video
  • Suggestion
  • Question
  • Announcement
  • Rare Official
  • Meta
  • Patch Notes

Mod Team

So as some of you may have caught on to, the mod team at the moment is seriously lacking. We are currently at two active mods, myself and kyle6477. This is simply not enough for a sub of this size, especially since we both have jobs and I would like to focus on higher-level things like improving the theme and experience of the sub rather than day-to-day reports.

As such, in the coming days we will be having Mod Applications for the sub, where we will take 3-4 new mods. Keep an eye out for the post, I look forward to seeing all the applications. We will be looking for both NA and EU mods, so all should apply!


While I love the heart of the theme of the sub and the essence it’s going for, I think it missed its mark in a lot of places. I’ll be doing a large pass at making it a lot more enjoyable on more screen sizes and lighting, and making some quality of life changes to most pages (Upboats pls?). If anyone has any specific things they would like to see changed, please let me know in the comments and we’ll see about changing it!

Some Smaller Things

Rare Tracker

In response to the post about it I am looking into the possibility of a Rare tracker, that is a way to track what posts a Rare employee has posted in.

This may seem trivial, but there are other implications than just implementation that need to be accounted for. I’m not saying a Rare tracker won’t be added, I am just saying have patience as I explore the best way to implement it.

Post Filtering

Post filtering is coming. It takes a bit longer to add than enabling post flairs, and I first want to see how our first round of post flairs are actually used and if they do their job or if more changes need to be made. Once we’re happy with the post flairs, filtering can be added so people can ignore the posts they don’t want to see.


I will be doing a cleanup of the sidebar and what is on it. This will include new FAQs links, links to common discussions, and more. If you have any suggestions for what you would like to see in the sidebar, please send us a Modmail or post it below.


Stickies are a big point of contention. I’ll be working to figure out a better way to handle stickies, making them quicker to go up (Patch Notes) and keeping the relevant ones up when necessary.

Long ass post, but there it is. If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, etc. please drop a comment below or send a Modmail. I’ll do my best to respond to every single one but do not fret, if you don’t get a response I have still fully read all comments and taken note of them all!

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